Students dance and mock anti-LGBT preachers in counter protest

Hundreds of students took part in a protest against anti-LGBT+ demonstrators at a university in New Jersey.

Demonstrators had gathered outside Rowan University in Glassboro, holding anti-LGBT, anti-women and anti-Muslim signs.

One held a sign which said LGBT+ people were going to “hell”.

However, students soon formed a counter protest on the campus, holding signed which read: “Hate has no home here.”

Some held rainbow flags and others danced, while some students shouted “a*****s” at the demonstrators.

Two students were arrested for throwing fizzy drinks at the protestors, according to ABC News.

University President Ali Houshmand released a statement to the community on social media in response to the incident.

“While the protest disrupted some routine campus activities, I am proud that our campus community responded in a largely positive manner and reflected the values of diversity and inclusion that are at the core of our University.

“Rowan University is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the community and rejects the abhorrent sentiments expressed by the protesters.”

Rbrey Duane Singleton, the Student Government Association president, also released a statement.

“We’ve been standing in the face of hate today, and many in our community have been standing against hate their entire lives.

“Let’s be bigger and turn our backs on hate. If we don’t give prejudice and bigotry our attention or power, it WILL leave. Let’s continue to spread love, inclusivity and pride everywhere we go, on and off campus.”