Labour MP criticises colleague for supporting anti-LGBT education protesters: ‘There must be no place for hatred’

British politician Wes Streeting has condemned fellow Labour MP Roger Godsiff for siding with those who are currently campaigning against LGBT+ education in schools.

On Friday 7 June, Birmingham-based Godsiff met with Shakeel Afsar and other Anderton Park Protesters as they held their first demonstration since being banned from gathering outside the school gates until the 10th.

“You’ve made your point,” he can be seen telling the objectors in a series of videos shared on YouTube. “I would like you to consider calling the protests off, but that’s your choice. But I will continue to fight your corner because you’re right. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re right on this one.

Roger Godsiff (R) met with protest leader Shakeel Afsar (L) and other anti-LGBT education campaigners in Birmingham on Friday 7 June (Bradford Sun/YouTube)

“I’m sorry the situation is where it is,” Godsiff added. “I will continue to try and bring a resolution to this dispute, and ensure that schools teach the Equality Act is being taught in the same way as all the other primary schools where there isn’t a row.

“I’m not just a mouthpiece. I think I’m a fair-minded person who will listen to all sides of the argument and then I’ll make a decision and I’ll justify that. Whether people agree or disagree is their right.”

“There must be no place for hatred in the Labour Party”

Streeting took to Twitter on Saturday 8 June to criticise Godsiff for supporting those “who have been calling teachers ‘dukes’” and describing LGBT people as “filthy animals.” Sharing the aforementioned footage, he wrote: “This made me feel sick to my stomach. One of my own Labour colleagues stood with people who have peddled hatred and bigotry on school gates, intimidating pupils, teachers and parents.

“800 young people in his city have called Childline – some suicidal,” he explained. “No return to Section 28!”

Replying to his own tweet, Streeting – who is openly gay – also slammed Godsiff for “ridiculing a Labour councillor [for] standing up for schools because she doesn’t have kids” on film.

“I will be making a formal complaint to the Labour Party about Roger Godsiff and raising his conduct at the LGBT Labour AGM today. If he was a Tory MP, we’d be all over it. There must be no place for hatred and apologists in the Labour Party.”

This isn’t the first time Godsiff has shared similar opinions to those protesting against anti-LGBT education. Back in May, he told the Birmingham Mail that he thinks it inappropriate for children younger than five-years-old to learn about same-sex relationships because they  “do not know much about their own sexuality, never mind others.”