Glee’s LGBT characters and their best moments

Santan and Brittany kiss (Glee)

To celebrate Glee making its way to Netflix, we have collated the LGBT characters’ best moments.

From Santana’s lesbian kiss with openly bisexual cheerleader Brittany, to Kurt Hummel’s messy storyline with closeted school bully Dave Karofsky, and the show’s first transgender characters, Glee has had a fair few LGBT moments.

You could also argue that Sue Sylvester is an honarary lesbian—the tracksuits didn’t go unnoticed, Sue.

Watch the video below to see Billy and Abi rank Glee’s LGBT characters:

Kurt Hummel

Kurt is the first gay character to come out in season one of Glee, and is badly bullied for it. The TV show sees Kurt fall in love, get his heart broken and then eventually get married.

Brittany Pierce

Brittany S Pierce is an openly bisexual cheerleader who has relationships with both men and women. She dates her best friend, and fellow Cheerios member, Santana.

Santana Lopez

Santana, also a cheerleader, struggles to come out during the first few seasons of Glee. She dates Brittany and, in season two, she comes out to her grandmother who takes it badly but does attend Santana and Brittany’s wedding in the final season.

Kurt and Blaine in Glee

Kurt and Blaine become a couple in Glee

Dave Karofsky

Dave is the notorious school bully who regularly picks on the Glee crew, especially Kurt. However, Dave later reveals he is gay after trying to kiss Kurt in season two.

Unique Adams

Unique Adams is the show’s first openly transgender character. She struggles to tell people about being transgender but begins to transition after transferring to McKinley High School.

Sheldon Beiste

Coach Beiste replaces football coach Ken Tanaka in season two of Glee. In season six, he comes out as transgender making him the first trans man on the show.

Blaine Anderson

Dalton Academy Warblers singer and hearthrob Blaine makes his debut in season two when he transfers to McKinley High School and joins the Glee club. Blaine and Kurt start dating and eventually get married.

Sebastian Smythe

In season three, Sebastian Smythe is the lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers. Although he flirts with Blaine—who is dating Kurt at the time—he later helps Blaine propose to Kurt in season five.

Rachel’s dads

Rachel has two dads—Hiram and LeRoy Berry—who we meet in season three of Glee.

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