90-year-old sends gay granddaughter STI pamphlet on her wedding day

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A 90-year-old grandmother sent her gay granddaughter a pamphlet on sexually transmitted diseases inside a sympathy card on her wedding day.

Another of her granddaughters sent a letter about the incident to agony aunt Amy Dickson in the East Bay Times, a newspaper serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

The letter, signed anonymously by “Unsure Grandchild,” said: “When my sister (who is gay) got married a few years ago, my grandmother was invited and chose not to attend.

“Instead, she sent my sister and her new wife a pamphlet on sexually transmitted diseases enclosed in a sympathy card. At that point, I was fully done with her, as was my sister.”

The letter calls their grandmother a “truly awful human being” and added: “She has alienated her entire family, including her five kids and multiple grandchildren.

“She’s lost countless friends and ruined relationships with those around her.”

The couple are now married, after receiving an STI pamphlet inside a sympathy card on their wedding day.

Despite her insulting wedding “gifts,” the 90-year-old grandmother began asking for money

Amazingly, the letter goes on to say the 90-year-old then began asking family members for money, including her gay granddaughter who is now happily married to a woman.

The writer of the letter wants to respond but doesn’t know how. They said: “I really want to respond and tell her what I think of her.

“The other part of me wants to show compassion toward someone near the end of their life. I certainly will not be giving her any money, but I feel that I should respond regardless.”

Agony aunt Dickinson suggested that “Unsure Grandchild” respond saying: ““Dear Gran, I received your letter.

“I’m genuinely sorry you are in this position. Unfortunately, I cannot be part of your solution. I hope you find peace during this part of your life.”