Gay footballer announces exact date of his upcoming identity reveal

The professional footballer, who has been gearing up to reveal his identity for weeks, has announced the exact date he will publicly come out as gay.

Just last week, the sportsman – who supposedly plays in the English Championship – revealed that he was planning on sharing who he is with the world before the new season starts on August 2.  Now, he’s taken to his anonymous Twitter page to confirm to his 40,000 followers that he’ll name himself in three days time, on Wednesday July 24.

If he does – and this doesn’t turn out to be an elaborate hoax – the individual will become the first openly gay footballer in the UK.

While it’s easy to doubt the authenticity of the account, it’s worth noting that it’s currently being followed by a handful of professionals within the industry. including Burton Albion forward Marvin Sordell and former England striker Gary Lineker.

In response to the mystery man’s latest tweet, Sordell wrote: “Wish you nothing but good fortune with this next step in life. So many things will be said, but your vulnerability in this situation is such a powerful sign of your strength! I’ve got huge respect for you doing something that is monumental for our sport.”

Amal Fashanu, the niece of Britain’s first and only gay footballer Justin Fashanu who killed himself in 1998, recently told Sky News that she has doubts as to whether the person behind the account is genuine. But, she desperately hopes he is as the alternative could be “detrimental” to the awareness she’s been trying to conjure up across the last decade.

“Creating a fake account, I feel, is actually going to mess it all up,” she said. “It’s almost like mocking it in a way.”

Gay Footballer claims his club supports his decision to come out

Just a few days ago, the footballer detailed how their club has shown support for his decision to come out.

“Further, within the context of football it was reassuring for them to be fully aware that performance and consistency is based around individuals that are at peace with themselves and the decision to be open is instrumental in ensuring I can be myself,” he wrote in a statement on Twitter.

“Also, I want to reinforce the gratitude I have to my family – their love and support has been consistent throughout my life but has been all the more visible, and needed, over recent days. I would also like to thank those who have offered support across social and mainstream media.”