How to tell if a girl likes you: Bisexual YouTuber Elle Mills’ tips

Bisexual YouTuber Elle Mills speaks to PinkNews (PinkNews)

Bisexual YouTuber Elle Mills won our hearts with her coming out video—now she speaks to PinkNews about dating and how to tell if a girl likes you.

One year on from coming out loud and proud as bisexual, Elle Mills says she feels a “huge responsibility” being a voice for the LGBT+ community.

She spoke to PinkNews about dating women, bisexuality and how to spot when a girl “likes you a little too much.”

Elle Mills spoke to PinkNews at London’s Summer in the City, a YouTuber event featuring Jamies Raines, Roly and Melanie Murphy.

Watch Elle Mills’ interview here:

Dating when you like girls

Knowing whether a girl wants to be your girlfriend or just your girlfriend can be difficult—we’ve all been there.

This is something Elle Mills admits she struggles with, saying that she is “usually pretty oblivious” to girls trying to flirt with her.

She says she can usually tell a girl likes you when “they like me a little too much for how nice I’ve been.”

According to Mills, the extra attention is a good indication that they are into you.

“If someone likes me… then they don’t want to leave me, they want to hang out,” she laughs.

“It’s a big giveaway and that’s happened [to me].”

Life as a bisexual YouTuber

In true millennial style, Elle Mills came out online with a video that has stuck up four millions views.

Coming out as bisexual in real life gave Mills “anxiety,”  so she decided on a YouTube video as “a way to get feelings across without having to be there in person.”

Looking back at the moment, she tells PinkNews “it was the most loved [she’s] ever felt.”

Mills is now “confident in [her] sexuality” and uses her YouTube platform to unapologetically wave the bisexual flag.

However, Elle Mills recognises that there is still political progress to be made, telling PinkNews that she is frustrated at the lack of bisexual validation both within and outside of the LGBT+ community.

“It would be nice if people were conscious that [my] sexuality is real,” she says.