Lib Dems want to investigate Manchester Pride amidst ‘Fyre Festival’ comparisons

Manchester Pride

The Liberal Democrats have demanded an investigation of the Manchester Pride organisers by an Equalities committee, after comparisons were made between Manchester Pride and the disastrous Fyre Festival.

The Lib Dems’ Manchester leader, John Leech, wrote to the chair of Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee  outlining his “serious concerns” about the organisation and running of Manchester Pride.

Leech’s concerns include accusations of racism and lack of disabled access.

This demand for an investigation comes as Manchester Pride attendees likened this year’s event, Manchester Pride Live, to Fyre Festival.

“Every year, Manchester proudly welcomes people from all backgrounds from around the world for the biggest and best celebration of equality, where we come together to renew our fight for equal rights,” Leech said.

“But serious concerns have been raised about this year’s Pride celebrations, including accusations of racism and limited disabled access.

“As a celebration that should be all-inclusive, we cannot let concerns like this slip and the council has a responsibility to ensure it is a safe, inclusive and successful event.

“The Lib Dems have therefore called for the organisers of Pride, including the PR and security teams, be brought in front of the Equalities Scrutiny Committee, along with council officers, to get to the bottom of these concerns and ensure they are never repeated.”

The allegations of racism come from black and Asian Pride attendees who say they were refused entry into bars, not served in clubs and followed around by staff.

The Lib Dems are also concerned about the anti-trans protestors who hijacked the front of the parade and were allowed by police and event organisers to lead the march.

PinkNews has contacted Manchester Pride for comment.