Bee Love Slater named as 18th trans person to be killed in the US so far this year

Trans woman Bee Love Slater

Bee Love Slater was found burned beyond recognition in a car on Wednesday (September 4). She becomes the 18th transgender person and the 17th black trans woman killed in the US so far this year.

Officers found Slater in Clewiston, Florida, some 30 miles from her home in Paokee, in what told local news station NBC2 was one of the most brutal murder scenes they have ever seen.

Pictures show the burned-out car which Slater was discovered in. It is surrounded by blackened grass and mechanical parts.

A burned-out car surrounded by blackened grass

Bee Love Slater was found in this burned-out car. (NBC2)

Friends believe Slater was targeted because of her trans identity and outgoing lifestyle.

“She was a people person,” one, Desmond Vereen, told local news station NBC2.

“She loved to be around people and meeting new people too because of her new lifestyle that she transitioned into.”

He added: “I feel like she was targeted because of her lifestyle.”

Friend says Bee Love Slater ‘knew someone wanted to harm her’

Kenard Wade told TV channel WINK News that he was best friends with Slater. He said that he last saw her three days before her death, and spoke to night she was killed.

He told the station that Slater “knew someone wanted to harm her, and she wanted to get away.”

She knew someone wanted to harm her, and she wanted to get away.

Wade said that he was sure Slater was the victim as soon as he saw photos of the crime scene, although it took the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office until Friday (September 6) to publicly name her.

Investigators have said that they are yet to determine a motive for the crime. Anybody with information is urged to contact the sheriff’s office at (863) 674-5600 or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at (800) 780-8477.

Seventeen black trans women killed in 2019

Slater is the latest victim of an epidemic of violence against trans people, in particular black trans women.

At least 17 black trans women have been killed in 2019. Their names are Dana MartinJazzaline WareAshanti CarmonClaire LegatoMuhlaysia BookerMichelle WashingtonParis CameronChynal LindseyChanel ScurlockZoe SpearsBrooklyn LindseyDenali Berries StuckeyKiki Fantroy and Pebbles LaDime Doe. Tracy Single and Bailey Reeves.

The LGBT+ community has also this year mourned Jordan Cofer, a white trans man who was killed in a mass shooting.