Ex-Strictly head judge doesn’t want same-sex couples on the show because he’s an ‘old traditionalist’

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing‘s former head judge Len Goodman has said he doesn’t support same-sex couples competing on the show because he’s an “old traditionalist”.

Last month it was reported that same-sex couples might compete on the show for the first time next year after BBC bosses said they were “completely open” to the idea.

Goodman told The Sun: “I’ve judged what they used to call ‘pink competitions’ with ladies dancing together, and a load of guys.

“They were of a very high standard, terrific dancing actually. Somehow while you were judging it, you didn’t even notice.

“It wasn’t that one of the men was dressed in a frock or anything, it was done in a very tasteful way. So if it’s done in that way I think it would be OK.

“But that doesn’t change the fact I’m an old traditionalist.”

Len Goodman dances with a man Strictly

Len Goodman dancing with Strictly dancer Anton du Beke. (Mark Robert Milan/FilmMagic)

Len Goodman said he had sympathy for older Strictly viewers, who might not like the same-sex couples

He went on to compare same-sex couples to “outlandish” dance moves and said that some people would stop watching the show.

“The thing is, it’s so difficult to please everyone,” he said. “What I’m used to is traditional ballroom and Latin dancing.

“When I was judging on Strictly, if somebody did some outlandish movement I didn’t like it.

“I like it as it was, but everything moves on. If they do it, there’ll be people saying, ‘I’m not going to watch it any more.’

“And if they don’t do it, there’ll be people saying, ‘Well, you’re homophobic.’ They can’t win.”

Goodman was also previously criticised for “casual racism” when he said last year: “I think all those pros are brilliant but I do like that you’ve got Kevin [Clifton] from Grimsby and Anton [Du Beke] from up the road.

“You don’t want to end up with a load of people from, you know… as good as they are. It’s nice to have some British dancers in there.”