This right-wing pastor wants you to know he finds homosexuality ‘disgusting’

Christian rent-a-mouth radio host E.W. Jackson

A right-wing pastor said that “normal people” find homosexuality “disgusting” during a confusing rant about gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

E.W. Jackson went on a lengthy missive against Buttigieg on his Monday night (September 9) radio show.

The Christian minister and twice-failed senate hopeful said that he loathes Buttigieg, but not because of his sexuality—though he does find that “thoroughly disgusting.”

“Of all the candidates, the one that I find the most loathsome, frankly, is Pete Buttigieg,” Jackson said.

Chasten and Pete Buttigieg kissing

Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband Chasten. (Scott Olson/Getty)

“It is not because he is homosexual, although that frankly is not something that would recommend him.

“It is not because he stood up onstage and gave a big wet smacking kiss to his male homosexual husband-lover-whatever-he’s-supposed-to-be when he announced his candidacy.”

E.W. Jackson ‘disgusted’ by Pete Buttigieg

According to Jackson, “homosexuality is not normal and normal people find it disgusting.”

He went on to explain that his true issue is with Buttigieg’s interpretation of Christianity.

“Unlike the other candidates who are openly and blatantly godless, Pete Buttigieg tries to couch his policy positions and his ideas and his persona as, somehow, this evangelical born-again Christian, but he has these bizarre ideas about what Christianity stands for and what it means,” he said.

I find it more perverse than his lifestyle.

“And I find that not only hypocritical, I find it—folks, if I may say it this way—I find it more perverse than his lifestyle.”

Jackson ran for the Republican party’s Virginia senate nomination in 2018, finishing in third place. He also ran for the nomination in 2012, when he came in fourth.

In between, Jackson secured the 2013 Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial nomination, but lost the election to the Democratic candidate.

Buttigieg is currently polling in fifth place for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination behind Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, according to the latest RealClear Politics polling average.