Lesbian doesn’t realise she’s in a loving relationship with her roommate

A 19-year-old lesbian Redditor is warming hearts across the internet after asking for help with the age-old question: ‘Do they like me or are they just being friendly?’

The anonymous teen wrote to the r/relationships subreddit seeking advice on how to act around her “smoking hot” female roommate, whom she’s lived with for more than a year.

During that time, the lesbian poster grew close to her friend and developed a “pretty huge crush” on her. She was unable to tell whether her friend was flirting back – but fortunately, the situation was all-too-clear to her fellow Redditors.

As she lists 15 adorable examples of suspected flirting, it becomes increasingly obvious that the pair are effectively in a lesbian relationship with each other already.

She texted me saying she misses the way I feel and smell with no regard for my gay heart.

Her crush buys her gifts: “She gets me anything I say in passing I want or circle in any catalogue that I have… now we’re both kind of broke but have some sort of present buying stand-off going on.”

She uses cute nicknames: “She almost exclusively calls me ‘baby’. She asked me if it was OK and I was like yeah go for it and she was like thanks because I always refer to my friends like this. But SHE DOESN’T.”

And sends messages that are definitely more than platonic. “When we split for the summer in the past few months, she texted me saying she misses the way I feel and smell with no regard for my gay heart.”

The two women grew close after living together for a year (Pexels)

They buy each other food: “She kept paying for my fave order meals with very cute cards telling me good luck and stuff. When I tried to do it back she said, ‘No, let me take care of you’, and my small gay self collapsed.”

Give each compliments: “She said to me, ‘Why do you look so beautiful without trying’ after I had rolled out of bed. I don’t know what she meant.”

And are clearly affectionate with each other. “I once fell asleep on my work and I woke up with my head in her lap and she was watching her laptop and stroking my hair and I almost had a stroke. She said I looked peaceful so she didn’t wake me. She also cuddled me when I was upset about a bad quiz grade and held me until I felt better.”

In one example, her crush specifically describes her as her girlfriend: “Her baby niece came to visit once with her sister and she referred to me as ‘auntie’s very special girl friend’. I freaked but just laughed it off.”

“She said to me ‘why do you look so beautiful without trying’ after I had rolled out of bed. I don’t know what she meant.” (Pexels)

They were even each others’ Valentine: “She texted me saying ‘You’re my Valentine’ (as a joke?) and I said OK you’re mine.

“She then gave me a stuffed animal, I had to scramble to buy her chocolates and then we went to go eat at my favourite takeout place. A guy also gave me a chocolate (we’re friends) while she was with me and she said, ‘Don’t steal my Valentine now.'”

My gay ass was cheering this entire post.

Commenters adored the description of the lesbian couple’s relationship. “You are living a fan fiction and my gay ass was cheering this entire post. I love hopeless lesbians. My people,” wrote one.

“You’re already dating and you just don’t realise it yet,” wrote another.

Several lesbians shared similar experiences of their own. “God this is so impossibly sweet and my hopeless gay heart is really feeling for you.

“For context I had a roommate who had a nightmare one night, asked to sleep in my bed with me, and then never went back to sleeping in her own bed and it still took me MONTHS to figure out that she MIGHT be into me. Surprise! She was.”

More than one person advised the poster to go for it: “OP please go smooch her already, romantic comedies are only supposed to last like an hour and a half.”

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a ‘happily ever after’ update.