Bigot claims homosexuality can’t be loving because anal sex is painful, gets quickly shut down with logic and reason

The people of Twitter had some amazing clap backs to a homophobe. (Stock image)

Logging onto Twitter and seeing a homophobe on your timeline is almost par for the course these days, but one bigot got schooled after she said homosexuality isn’t loving because anal sex is painful.

Lisa Bedrick, who has a “BA in English with a minor in the Bible” from Californian Christian college Biola University, made the surreal claim yesterday.

She wrote: “Homosexuality is not loving, it’s one person causing another person significant bodily pain and torture.

“A male penis was Never [sic] meant to be inserted into the anus, and it leads to tons of health issues if or when it is.”

And then offered some timeless advice, “Don’t be gay” complete with thumbs-up emoji. 

Twitter claps back: “Straight people do butt stuff too, Karen.”

As a result, LGBT+ Twitter and beyond came together to return Bedrick’s kindness and offer some advice of their own as the tweet tallied more than 4,500 replies in less than 24 hours.

Firstly, there was this gem:

The people of Twitter said: “Please, somebody, I beg you, put this on a decorative pillow for me.”

Another asked for the tweet to be released on a “shower curtain”.

Some users requested Bedrick, from Austin, Texas, take part in some academic assistance:

Gay English actor and comedian Matt Lucas simply wrote: “Well, I love it.”

While others were utterly savage in their replies:

Gay playwright Jonathan Harvey, never one to shy away from an offbeat comment, wrote:

Furthermore, writer Tom Coates delivered a sermon of his own in a series of replies to Bedrick:

Moreover, actor Olivia Mac was very helpful by “fixing” Bedrick’s tweet:

And others were quick to point out that it’s not only males who can have anal sex: