Big Brother’s Jordan shuts down Henry and Matty love triangle once and for all

Henry (L), Jordan and Matty (R) from Big Brother.

Big Brother contestant Jordan has shut down all hope of romance with both Henry and Matty, bringing the dramatic love triangle to an end.

Jordan, 26, had been torn between Matty, 26, and Henry, 24, for days, showing off serious chemistry with both housemates and leaving viewers wondering who he would choose.

With Henry, Jordan had shared a number of secret kisses.

Their sweet relationship and Henry hoping that things might eventually get serious, but the food writer was devastated when he, and viewers at home, learned that Jordan also had a flirtatious spark with geriatric doctor Matty.

Big Brother's Jordan (left) and Henry (right) in the diary room.
Big Brother housemates Henry and Jordan have decided they’re just friends as love triangle ends. (ITV)

After going back and forth between the two for a few days, and leaving both Henry and Matty very confused, Jordan decided to shut the love triangle down entirely.

The bisexual lawyer decided to speak to both boys after being confronted by Henry, who had told him to “sort [his] sh*t out” and decide what he wants.

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First, Jordan cooled things down with Matty, after the doctor tried to speak to him about his feelings.

Matty told Jordan that, because of their “hot and cold” friendship, he had started to feel “isolated from the group” and “left out.”

Big Brother housemate Matty.
Big Brother housemate Matty got caught up in the love triangle when Jordan started to spend more time with him. (ITV)

He told Jordan: “I can’t honestly do another cycle of we become friends again and then we don’t. Not being able to speak to anyone about how I feel and it’s all just come to a head today.”

Jordan agreed that the “hot and coldness” was starting to get to him too and he didn’t like the uncertainty he felt with Matty. He admitted that, when it comes to Matty, he’d like to “live with some delusion” about the nature of their relationship. 

When Matty asked him if that delusion was “hurting both of [them]”, Jordan replied: “No, because I know the answer. 

“If I look deeply enough I know the answer. I don’t need to hear it said aloud. I know what the problem is and the only solution is detachment and that’s cool. I don’t need to hear it rubbed in my face.”

Next, Jordan sat Henry down and filled him in: “I had a very long conversation [with Matty]. Today was always going to be the most extreme of days.”

Before Henry could get his hopes too high, Jordan let him know that he didn’t want to pursue anything romantic with him either.

Henry had a tough week in the Big Brother house
Henry had a tough week in the Big Brother house. (ITV)

“Also I think I need to say to you, our friendship is platonic, right? Your friendship to me means more to me than every other friendship in here combined and I would never want to lose you as a friend,” he told the food writer.

He quickly assured Henry that he thought he was “fabulous” and that he really did want to stay good friends.

Henry, who was clearly hurt by Jordan’s decision, tried to put on a brave face, telling him: “I think you’re great too. You make me laugh a lot.”

Abruptly killing the soft-spoken conversation, Jordan then yelled over to Matty: “I’ve told Henry about our new pact and it’s going to be smooth sailing!”

Later, Matty took his own opportunity to clear the air with Henry. There had been some tensions between the two as a result of Jordan’s back-and-forth.

Matty told him: “I’m sorry for it spilling out onto everyone else because that’s not cool, it has been awkward these past couple of days and I do acknowledge that.”

Viewers at home were devastated for Henry, who really seemed upset by Jordan’s friend-zoning.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Friday.