Political commentator who said ‘there should be’ Brexit riots spent years demonising trans people

British columnist and Brexit supporter Brendan O’Neill has provoked an uproar by saying there “should be” riots over Brexit, live on TV.

There is strict legislation against inciting violent activity, including riots, and the UK’s former top prosecutor has called for police to investigate O’Neill over the comments.

But his outburst wasn’t surprising for many in the LGBT+ community, who unfortunately are long used to O’Neill’s divisive and incendiary rhetoric on transgender people.

The editor of Spike Online has penned numerous articles ‘demonising’ transgender and non-binary people, with headlines including ‘Trans activists are the real bigots’, ‘Call me Caitlin, or else: The rise of authoritarian transgender politics’ and ‘Sorry, Sam Smith, but you’re still a he.’

Journalist and trans advocate Paris Lees pointed out the connection, tweeting: “Trans people and others have been trying to warn you where all this was heading for years.

“Has the penny dropped?”

Her words rang true for many in the LGBT+ community, who compared trans people to the canaries in the coal mines.

We hate to say we told you so, but…