Antoni Porowski really, really hates being single: ‘I’m somebody who is pathological co-dependant’

Antoni Porowski (C) arrives for 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum in New York City. (Rob Kim/GC Images)

Queer Eye star and full-time heartthrob Antoni Porowski has said he hates being single and alone because he is “pathologically co-dependent”.

The food and wine expert, 35, said that rocketing to fame on the Netflix show means that he’s surrounded by people all the time but is left alone in the evenings, which he finds “terrifying”.

Speaking to Jessie Ware on her Table Manners podcast, Porowski said: “I’m somebody who is pathological co-dependant.”

His slot on the eighth season of the podcast aired earlier today at 6am.

Antoni Porowski has been back on the market since August. 

“I’ve always lost myself in relationships, that’s like the person I am,” he explained.

Antoni Porowski. (Erik Voake/Getty Images for Boursin Cheese)

Antoni Porowski. (Erik Voake/Getty Images for Boursin Cheese)

“I tend to lose my identity and I have abandonment issues, so I really try to make sure the person loves me and never leaves me.”

Earlier this year, Porowski and Flipping Out star Trace Lehnhoff called it quits after eight months of dating. Porowski purged his Instagram of all traces of his former beau, sans for a selfie with Justin Theroux.

Since the break-up, the Canadian TV personality explained how he’s “learning to be independent”.

“I think especially with the life I have now, I’m surrounded by people all the time.

“You have these crazy environments and then at the end of the day you’re left with yourself, and that’s a terrifying thing for me because I love people.

“But at the same time being with myself is the most uncomfortable thing.

“I hate being on my own.”

Antoni Porowski had reservations about opening up to people on Queer Eye.

Porowski also commented on an episode in Queer Eye‘s fourth series, when he candidly opened up about his strained relationship with his mother.

In the episode ‘How Wanda Got Her Groove Back’, Porowski meets Wanda Winters, who had avoided telling her adult daughters that she loved them. Something that prompted Porowski to speak out about his own mother.

Recounting the moment to Ware, he said: “When I started the show there were certain things I told myself I was never going to talk about.

Antoni Porowski. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Antoni Porowski. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

“The first one being I wasn’t going to talk about fluidity – it was just assumed that I was gay, and just like most of my life people just assumed I was straight.

“So when I booked the show I was like, this is an unscripted show.

“I’ve been auditioning as a very unsuccessful actor for a decade while I was working in restaurants, so being on an unscripted show you really just pour your life out and you’re asked to be sort of intimate and have conversations with perfect strangers, that was something that made me really uncomfortable.”

“I told myself that I’m like not going to talk about the gay thing or my complicated family, but what I realised very quickly was, if we expect these people to open up about their lives with five complete strangers, you have to be willing to do the same, it has to be a conversation.”

In other news, the Queer Eye star does enjoy being choked. 

His wheelhouse, as Porowski understands it, is more than just avocados.

The chef released his first cookbook earlier this year to critical acclaim and took to touring to help promote it.

During his time on the road, Buzzfeed sat down with him where he revealed the rather intimate detail about his life when he reacted to post-watershed tweets about himself.

“If you like choking make sure you have a safe way,” he said, “actually, I learned this the hard way, about to have some TMI [too much information].

“Don’t have a safe word — have a safe move because often you can’t speak if you’re being choked.

“Pro tip, you’re welcome to that, kids.”