Love Island star comes out against same-sex marriage

Love Island Australia contestant Cartier Surjan

Cartier Surjan, a contestant on Love Island Australia, said that she doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.

Love Island Australia returns to UK screens on Monday night (October 14), with a new cast of singletons looking for love.

Surjan, 19, is one of 10 contestants taking part in the reality show and describes herself as a “born-again Christian”.

In an interview with New Idea, she said that her faith means she can’t support marriage equality.

I don’t believe in it, but I’m never going to discriminate against someone.

“With same-sex marriage, I’m a Christian,” she said.

“I don’t believe in it, but I’m never going to discriminate against someone and make them feel uncomfortable about themselves.”

Same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia in December 2017 after 7.8 million (61.6 percent) voted in favour of it via a postal ballot.

Almost 13 million (79 percent) of Australia’s 16 million registered voters took part in the survey, with the first same-sex marriages taking place in January 2018.

Scott Morrison, who became prime minister in August 2018 and like Surjan attends the Pentecostal church, campaigned against marriage equality in the lead-up to the vote.

Earlier this year he claimed that he now supports same-sex marriage because it has allowed people to “get on with their lives” and said that he “always supports the law of the country”.

Love Island Australia could welcome same-sex romance.

In Australia, where Love Island began airing last week, fans have eagerly watched on as two female contestants have grown closer.

Phoebe Thompson was a late addition to the cast, and upon her arrival said that she was more attracted to Cassie Landell than she was to any of the men in the villa.

“This might be a bit weird because I would obviously pick Cassie,” she said.

Love Island's Phoebe Thompson and Cassie Landell kissing

Phoebe Thompson and Cassie Landell are exploring their feelings. (Nine Network)

“Obviously I came in here thinking I am looking for a boyfriend, I am looking for a male partner, but I have been with girls before.”

The two women later shared a kiss during a challenge, which Landell said was the first time she had felt a spark in the villa.

“I told myself before coming into the villa that I am just going to take everything by the balls and just go with everything and go with my gut and not have any regrets,” she told Landell, and asked her if she wanted to “see if there is something there”.

Love Island Australia begins on Monday (October 14) at 10pm on ITV Be.