Jeremy Corbyn, John Barrowman and Penny Mordaunt share their pronouns in solidarity with trans community

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Jones at the 2019 PinkNews Awards

Politicians, journalist and filmmakers shared their pronouns on camera at the PinkNews Awards for International Pronouns Day in solidarity with the transgender community.

Pronouns Day is every year on the third Wednesday in October and seeks to normalise sharing pronouns, asking for people’s pronouns and stating pronouns out loud.

Speaking at the event, Corbyn said: “My name is Jeremy Corbyn, pronouns he/him, and I’m very proud to be here tonight.”

Other politicians, including the former equalities minister Penny Mordaunt MP, also shared their pronouns on the night to raise awareness of pronouns and to show solidarity with the trans community.

Guardian columnist Owen Jones and Andrew Moffatt, the assistant headteacher at Parkfield school in Birmingham who won the role model award, also shared their pronouns for the camera.

Hannah and Jake Graf, a trans couple who advocate for the trans community, also shared their pronouns.

Yesterday, British singer Sam Smith shared a poem their aunt sent them on Instagram.

The poem highlights how simple it is to share your pronouns, and how easy it is to support trans people – especially non-binary people, who can have a harder time getting their pronouns respected – through this simple act.


The PinkNews awards took place on October 16 2019 at Church House in Westminster and was sponsored by Amazon.