A clever bit of Photoshop made this American nationalist’s offensive t-shirt much, much better

This American nationalist really didn't think his t-shirt choice through

Straight men aren’t exactly known for choosing sensible t-shirts – but this US nationalist took things to the extreme with this one.

Generally speaking, a nationalist themed t-shirt is probably not going to have the best slogan in the world to begin with – but with the wonders of computer technology, this one became something truly special.

A photo circulated online shows the back of the t-shirt, which is emblazoned with the US flag, and bears the slogan: “Stomp my flag, I’ll eat your ass.”

We assume the original slogan said: “Stomp my flag, I’ll stomp your ass.” Either that, or this man knows a surprising amount about gay culture.

‘Stomp my flag, I’ll eat your ass’ nationalist t-shirt has received a huge reaction on Twitter.

The image was shared by comedian Matt Oswalt on Twitter this week and has been liked more than 100,000 times.

“I guess his other shirt, ‘Build the wall or I’ll gargle your balls’ was at the dry cleaners,” Oswalt wrote.

Needless to say, Twitter users have a lot to say about the hilarious Photoshop job.

I guess his other shirt, ‘Build the wall or I’ll gargle your balls’ was at the drycleaners.

Some Twitter users rightly pointed out that – in the right circumstances – this wouldn’t exactly be considered a punishment.

Another was surprised at how open this guy is to new experiences.

Meanwhile, others seemed excited.

Not everyone was impressed, however – and some have pointed out that the image is Photoshopped. But that still doesn’t take away from its hilarious impact.

The image has had some traction online before this week. It was shared on Reddit in August but the image was later taken down as it is suspected to be Photoshopped.

But before the image was removed from Reddit, people had a great time dissecting the meaning of the t-shirt.

“Is that his Grindr profile photo?” One Reddit user wrote.

Another user seemed a little too eager.

intensely stamping on flag,” they wrote.