Charli XCX signed a fan’s douche and gay Twitter has a lot of thoughts

A fan asked Charli XCX to sign an enema and Twitter felt very conflicted about it all. (Twitter)

Singer Charli XCX, who reportedly once threw the first brick at Stonewall, has signed a fan’s douche and Twitter is as delighted as it is disgusted.

After she dotted her name on a fan’s bottle of poppers, the ‘Boom Clap’ musician has seen countless fans line up for meet and greets. While some ask for her to sign CD albums, others print out glossy photos of her.

Fans have also rocked up to gigs with their mother’s cremated ashes and asked Charli to pose with them, or popped the question right in front of her.

Charli’s meet and greets have become a venerable fighting ground for Twitter gay rights, apparently.

But the latest thing a fan has handed over to her has prompted some fans to simply plead: “Not the enema…”

Guy brought his ‘spare’ douche for Charli XCX to sign.

Charli had no clue what she was signing when Marcus handed her a douche at a meet and greet before her concert at the O2 Institute Birmingham, England, earlier this week.

A request that followed him asking her to “hold my poppers to my nose and she politically declined, which I respect”, he wrote in a tweet.

“I was just thinking what could be a really obscure and funny thing to get her to sign,” Marcus told PinkNews.

He clarified that it was his “spare” douche and admitted he was “unsure” about asking her to sign it.

Marcus added: “She didn’t really know what it was so her reaction wasn’t anything over the top.”

‘Gays don’t deserve rights’: Twitter conflicted on Charli XCX fan’s very specific request.

The post shook LGBT+ Twitter, with one user satirically starting a petition to “Make homosexuality illegal again” as a result. It has been signed 20 times.

While fans reacted to Charli signing poppers with tweets tagged “gay rights!” the tune was different this time around, but if there’s one thing the LGBT+ community has honed over the years, it’s sardonic sarcasm:

‘I can see how it might have caused her to be uncomfortable’: Marcus DM’d Charli XCX to check if she’s OK.

A number of Twitter folk reacted coldly to Marcus’ post, expressing concern for Charli.

As a chorus of users chimed in: “Imagine being this disgusting and actually finding this funny…”

Another agreed: “It’s not even funny.”

“Charli XCX, I’m sorry,” wrote one user, “you are allowed to be homophobic.”

“She looks so tired,” observed another.

Reflecting on everyone’s reaction to the tweet, Marcus admitted he “can see how it might have caused her to be uncomfortable so I sent her a message on [Instagram] explaining that it wasn’t my intention.”

Moreover, he said that the “hate messages are a bit extreme, but it’s the internet.”