If you watch any Halloween lipsync today, make it dancer Mark Kanemura’s sickening take on Elphaba

Mark Kanemura is truly unlimited as he delivered a Wicked Halloween performance. (Screen capture via Twitter)

In a lipync performance that was honestly, well, wicked, a Los Angles-based dancer has taken Halloween to the next level with his take on the Wicked Witch of the West herself, Elphaba.

Mark Kanemura has rolled out an array of costumes to celebrate Gay Christmas this year, such as a sexy pumpkin or a sexy spider. There might be a theme here.

But his version of the iconic Wicked character has Twitter in absolute awe.

No one can bring Mark Kanemura down this Halloween.

Kanemura, quite literally, defies gravity as the clip, posted on the social site, begins.

Shrouded in a long, flowing black cloak, he steadily rises as he lipsyncs the musical’s famous number, ‘Defying Gravity’.

With a curly witches cap and green skin, Kanemura eventually rises so high that his hat touches the ceiling.

But then, in what is arguably the biggest plot twist known to recorded human history, he then unravels his cloak revealing his completely painted skin and, of course, black y-front underwear.

He then leaps towards the camera, showing a dazzling fringed cape underneath.

Yet, it still doesn’t end. The mist machine chimes, and Kanemura continues lipsyncing as a wind machine joins in.

The holy trinity of special effects is capped as he finally throws his hat of and a flurry of green confetti flutters out in all directions.

And then, it ends. Queue your jaw dropping.

Twitter is green with envy at Mark Kanemura’s Elphaba ensemble.

The spellbinding performance hypnotised Twitter with more than 570,000 people viewing it in less than a day as everyone had no legal choice but to completely stan it.

Model Nyle DiMarco was a fan, writing: “Oh my God, this is the best.”

‘This has better practical effects than most TV shows,” said another.

Some users wondered what the clean-up post-video must have been like, while others wondered whether a longer version exists.

But one crucial point remained: “Imagine being this guys downstairs neighbour.”