Europe’s first transgender road crossing has been unveiled in Holland

trans road crossing

The first permanent transgender flag road crossing in Europe has been unveiled in the Dutch city of Almere, close to Amsterdam, in Holland.

Almere already has a permanent rainbow crossing, and the pink, blue and white one was unveiled next to it during the city’s Winter Pride Walk.

Social democrat politician Jerzy Soetekouw said the crossings showed that “in Almere, everyone is free to be who they want to be”.

While many residents have called the crossing “beautiful” and “cool”, others were angry that the money had not been spent on things they considered more important.

One Almere local commented on the city’s Facebook post about the crossing: “Go spend the tax pennies on something meaningful. Elderly people are on the waiting list to get into a nursing home.”

Another said: “Too sad for words that community money is used for this. Explain that to the people who have to go to the food bank.”

But one Facebook user summed up the point of the crossing perfectly.

Stephan Craane wrote: “How many times have you been scolded on the street? When you walk in hand with your partner, do you get kicked? Spat at? Kicked out of a taxi?

“How many times did your parents throw you out of the house because you took a boyfriend home to meet them? How many times did you have to come out of the closet?

“So what that some money has been spent on paint? If we make more people feel a member of this society, that’s good, right?

“Why do you want to shut them down? People like you are the reason that Pride or a different crosswalk are needed.”

This summer the UK’s first permanent rainbow crossing was unveiled in Lambeth, London. 

Councillor Sonia Winifred, Lambeth cabinet member for equalities and culture, said: “This is a colourful and fun symbol of Lambeth’s inclusivity.

“We’re proud of our LGBT+ community and have a tradition of championing equality and LGBT+ rights – this crossing celebrates that and is a physical example of our bold and progressive thinking.”