Katie Hopkins’ feeble attempt at a takedown of a trans cricket player backfired on an epic scale

Katie Hopkins of Rebel Media speaks at Politicon

Katie Hopkins has once again tried – and failed – to make a conversation all about herself by getting angry that a trans woman is allowed to play cricket with other women.

But Hopkins was pulled up on her comments by none other than the captain of the cricket team, who hit out at the controversial commentator in a series of tweets.

The controversy began when trans cricketer Maxine Blythin was named 2019 Kent Women Player of the Year, according to Kent Live.

Sadly, when the announcement was made, the 24-year-old was targeted with harassment and abuse online.

Katie Hopkins declared the trans woman’s recognition as a ‘kick in the ovaries’ for cisgender women.

Hopkins decided to hit out at the transgender player by writing in a tweet: “‘Women’ Player of the Year.”

She continued: “Another kick in the ovaries for biological females everywhere.

“What is wrong with you @KentCricket Our daughters deserve better than this b****cks.”

But Hopkins was not allowed to get away with her comments by the team’s captain Tammy Beaumont.

“Cricket is a sport for all and no one should be excluded because of who they are,” Beaumont wrote.

Personally I’m proud to call her my teammate and my friend. So please don’t speak for me or my ovaries.

“Using your platform to spread an ill-informed opinion and factually incorrect article like this will only add to the discrimination and abuse she’s already come across!

Katie Hopkins (Getty)

“ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) have a clear policy on trans sportspeople. If you have an issue with that policy then that is up to you, but don’t take it out on individuals. As far as I’m aware there’s no conclusive proof of any ‘advantages’ of being a trans woman in cricket.”

This is not the first time Hopkins has stoked controversy around transgender people’s rights.

The captain finished: “Personally I’m proud to call her my teammate and my friend. So please don’t speak for me or my ovaries.”

Hopkins – who is a former MailOnline columnist – frequently finds herself embroiled in controversy. Last November, she came under fire after she mocked the Transgender Day of Remembrance – an annual day when the trans community mourns those who have died.

On Trans Day of Remembrance, Hopkins took to Twitter and wrote: “Today is #TransDayOfRemembrance.

“Most people will be wearing red testicles. But I am wearing mine white as a symbol of cis-testicular peace.”