Katie Hopkins permanently banned from Twitter for ‘hateful conduct’ after years of vile attacks on trans people

Katie Hopkins. (Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)

Katie Hopkins, once dubbed the “one of the most intolerable human beings on this earth“, has been permanently suspended from Twitter due to “hateful conduct”.

The far-right commentator and Britain’s answer to Ann Coulter has often wielded her verified Twitter account like a club against her political enemies. Her rarely restrained pro-Trump, pro-Brexit and anti-immigration views routinely stirred outrage on the micro-blogging website.

But on Friday afternoon (June 19) users were quick to notice that their timelines were… quieter. No inflammatory noise or barbed words against LGBT+ people, refugees, Black or Muslim folk. Just peace. Harmony. Tranquillity. Mostly.

Indeed, countless users rejoiced upon learning that Twitter administrators had suspended the 45-year-old’s social media account that afternoon, after stripping her of her verified status earlier that day.

Katie Hopkins has been ‘permanently suspended’ from Twitter due to her ‘hateful conduct’.

A Twitter spokesperson told Huffington Post: “Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – abuse and hateful conduct have no place on our service and we will continue to take action when our rules are broken.

“In this case, the account has been permanently suspended for violations of our hateful conduct policy.”

Katie Hopkins. (Luke Dray/Getty Images)

A former Sun and Daily Mail columnist, Hopkins often sought not to cool off tinderbox issues such as immigration, but rather play with matches.

Her explosive views on some of the most marginalised and vulnerable in society have ranged from comparing migrants to cockroaches, saying Britain needs a “final solution” to terrorism, mocking a day dedicated to mourning the death of trans folk and relentlessly sowing fear of Muslims that often earned her retweets and engagement from US president Donald Trump.

Trump once called the divisive political pundit a “respected columnist“, while Hopkins has described her fellow reality television star almost like a kindred spirit to her.

But her days of skimming along Twitter’s community guidelines have come to an end, seemingly in tandem with the company’s steadily increased efforts to dampen Trump’s flamethrower Twitter approach by flagging inaccuracies.

Twitter users euphoric that Katie Hopkins has been pad-locked for good.

Screenshots of her now blank profile radiated across Twitter, and it seemed that pretty much everyone had the same reaction to the news.

We, for one, cannot wait for Hopkins’ greyed profile being framed and hung in the Lourve.