The new Renault Clio advert is a tender lesbian love story and should ‘win all the Oscars’ immediately

Renault Clio lesbian advert

The new Renault Clio advert features a beautiful story of lifelong lesbian love and the internet is calling for movie rights to be immediately secured.

The advert, which has the tagline “30 years in the making”, celebrates three decades since the first Renault Clio through the emotional 30-year journey of a lesbian couple.

In case you haven’t seen it and want to avoid breaking down in tears at work, we’ll recap.

The ad begins with an English couple seeing their daughter off on a French exchange, and when the coach arrives in France the two young girls meet nervously.

They are soon playing on a swing and laughing while eating ice cream, becoming inseparable. Years later they meet up as teenagers, and it seems as though they’ve kept in touch as friends.

But soon they go swimming in the sea, and as they’re drying off in the car (a Renault Clio, obviously) they share their first kiss. This is quickly followed by a steamy make-out session, also in a Renault Clio.

When they are apart again, they send letters and photos to each other. But the father of the English girl finds one of the letters and is seen screaming at her.

Cut to adulthood and the French woman is marrying a man, while the English woman sadly looks on. Soon the marriage breaks down (presumably because she’s gay) and the French woman hops in her Renault Clio to cross the channel once again and find her lost love.

We are left with a beautiful scene of the couple, finally a family with their own daughter.

Twitter could not handle the beautiful storytelling and cinematic ups and downs of the queer love story.

One person said the advert is now their “favourite movie”, and another said: “[The] Renault Clio lesbian advert should win all the Oscars imho.”

Many said they were moved to tears when Renault said “gay rights”.

Of course some people were not happy about the portrayal of heartwarming and authentic LGBT+ love in an advert, with one person particularly upset that “this was shown during Junior Bake Off at 5.45 in the afternoon”.

Luckily someone replied: “Is it horrific to see two people kissing? Heaven forbid we normalise love. Bloody love this ad.”

If you need some light relief after the heart-wrenching Renault ad, last week Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan brought back the infamous gay Robert Dyas Christmas advert and it’s as hilarious as ever.