Baga Chipz asks fans to ‘be kind’ after shading her own mother on Drag Race UK

Baga Chipz and her mum Jo/Sacka Spudz

Drag Race UK finalist Baga Chipz was forced to defend herself after fans criticised her shady comments towards her own mother.

Drag Race UK turned Modern Family this week, as the queens were  tasked with making over their sisters and mothers for the penultimate challenge of the series.

For Baga Chipz, that meant transforming her mother Jo into her drag daughter Sacka Spudz.

This caused issues for the West Bromwich-born queen, who was criticised by the judges for making herself look “much betta” than her mother.

“I would have liked your mum to have looked as sexy and sassy as you did,” said judge Alan Carr.

“You look like you’re going to a posh lunch, whereas she looks like she’s going trick-or-treating.”

Defending her outfit choices, Baga hit back: “It’s really hard to dress a woman of a certain age. She doesn’t want to show her legs. She’s got a bit of a tum. You know what I mean?”

“We celebrate that tum,” Michelle Visage interjected, before accusing Baga of “throwing her [mum] out there”.

Backstage, the queens rallied around Jo.

“I think you owe your mother an apology,” The Vivienne said.

“I know I haven’t upset you but if I have I’m sorry,” Baga told a teary Jo. “I wasn’t slagging you off, you’re just a shy person. You should be proud of yourself.”

On Twitter, viewers were divided over Baga’s choice of words.

In her confessional, Baga explained herself, saying: “I wasn’t disrespecting my mum. Nobody knows the relationship we’ve got. They’re just presuming.

“They’ve known my mum for what, a day, and they think they know her more than me and that’s not the case. Me and my mum laugh at all that stuff.”

After the episode aired, she took to Twitter to defend herself further.

“No one knows my life story,” she tweeted. “I’m not a victim but it’s been hard. Be kind.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK concludes on Thursday on BBC iPlayer.