This ‘gender reveal party’ went so horrifically wrong it ended with screams, green smoke and blood

A spoof of a gender reveal party that saw party-goers choking, fainting and covered in blood has taken the practise to meme-grade glory. (Screen captures via Instagram)

Whew boy, the latest in heterosexual shenanigans was a ‘gender reveal party’ that became such a tragicomedy that it saw family members screaming, chocking on green fumes and one person covered in blood.

Or, well, we’re led to believe.

After plane crashes, two explosions, Jell-O-filled hippos, runaway balloons, blue lasagne, a thousand acre-sized wildfire and ‘gendered’ fog spewing from a car doing doughnuts in a cul-de-sac ending in four arrests, this does seem like the natural evolution of gender reveals.

Thankfully, while all of the aforementioned reveals are very, very, absurdly real, the latest isn’t.

‘Something terrible happened at our gender reveal party this weekend’.

The absolutely surreal video was executed by Canadian comedy group This Might Be Funny.

Dropping the video on Thursday across their socials, the group’s apparent spoof of the concept of celebrating your unborn child’s genitalia with loved ones has gone viral.

Mainly, because the satirical take on gender reveals is honestly so believable it has become the apex of showing just how far the concept has gone – becoming a meme.

“Something terrible happened at our gender reveal party this weekend,” the group wrote on their Instagram. “Please share.”

Attached is a video.

“Is everyone ready?” questions the mother-to-be, as she caresses her stomach with a smile in the clip.

The expectant father, called Tommy, then joked: “Here’s hoping for a linebacker, am I right, fellas?” queuing a chorus of deep chortling from all the “fellas”.

As some pastel pink and baby blue balloons float wearily in the distance, the couple and their loved ones chant a countdown.

Tommy then tugs on a smoke grenade which, instead of spewing out the usual binary blue or pink, instead spouts out plumes of dark green smoke.

Enter: Chaos.

“Oh, oh!” the crowd screeches, as people can be heard scrambling as the mother covers her mouth with her cardigan. Pink, of course.

Tommy’s face is the dictionary-definition of terror while green smoke billows around them. People cower and crouch on the floor, coughing and fainting as a result of the fumes.

The mother then visibly breaks down in tears, as someone emerges out of the smoke carrying a coffee cup. Blood running down her mouth.

“I’m sorry, God”! shouts Tommy at the heavens themselves, “I’m sorry!”

The clip then ends with ‘Gender is a construct’ in green font.

Satire, done right.

Twitter reacts to the spoof calling it the ‘best gender reveal ever’.

“OK,” pronounced Nikki on Twitter, “they win.”

Twitter was in hysterics as a result of This Might Be Funny’s video. Prompting users to wonder if the baby was an alien, the antichrist or Shrek.

Our money’s on Shrek, to be honest.