Gay man who died ‘accidentally’ was tortured and murdered by serial killer posing as an MI5 agent

Jason Marshall bound, gagged and murdered Peter Fasoli in a sadistic and brutal killing. (Screen capture via Metropolitan Police)

A gay man originally found to have died “accidentally” was the victim of a serial killer posing as a secret intelligence officer who tortured and murdered him.

Peter Fasoli, 58, met Jason Marshall on a dating website and hooked-up at his Northolt, London, apartment in January 2013.

Marshall posed as an MI5 officer, arriving kitted out in a police belt, handcuffs and a pistol holder. He informed Fasoli he was under arrest for “being a spy under the Espionage Act” during sexual role play.

But he then stripped, gagged, handcuffed and smothered Fasoli with clingfilm and set fire to his home, an inquest heard, the Mail Online reported.

Sadistic killer stripped, gagged, handcuffed, robbed and smothered victim with clingfilm.

Months after Fasoli was discovered dead, an initial inquest ruled he died “accidentally”, citing role play gone wrong.

But a fresh inquest has ruled differently.

Marshall, a former escort, was described in court as a “fantasist” and attempted to cover up his crime by lighting Fasoli’s home on fire.

Beforehand, authorities ruled that Fasoli had engaged in the situation consensually.

But hard-drives passed onto Fasoli’s friends, later given to his nephew, contained a seven-hour webcam recording of him being tortured and murdered by Marshall.

Detective inspector James Stevenson told yesterday’s inquest at West London Coroner’s Court: “There was a camera in his uncle’s address that captured a man attending his address on the day before his death.

“It starts off as a role play. Marshall is playing a secret agent type character, wearing a police issue holster with what appears to be a firearm and handcuffs.

“He encourages Mr Fasoli to strip naked, and he agrees to be hog-tied by Marshall.

“Mr Fasoli appears to be going along with the role play for some time, and then at some point it’s clear he has withdrawn his consent, and Marshall is trying to smother him with a pillow.”

Jason Marshall stole £800 from victim before setting house on fire and fleeing to Italy, and then killing again.

Marshall then threatened Fasoli with a knife, forcing him to give Marshall his PIN number.

Marshall left the home – making a number of purchases – he then returned and used clingfilm to suffocate Fasoli, who was still tied-up the entire time.

Moreover, Marshall also stole £800 from Fasoli’s home before setting it on fire and fleeing to Italy.

He then killed a second man and attacked a third man before being caught. The third man alerted Italian law enforcement, leading to Marshall’s arrest.

As a result of the footage, Marshall was jailed in September 2017 for a minimum of 37 years. While a new inquest into Fasoli’s death was filed by relatives.

Jason Marshall, dressed as an MI5 agent, chats to Peter Fasoli in his West London apartment. (Screen capture via Metropolitan Police)

Jason Marshall, dressed as an MI5 agent, chats to Peter Fasoli in his West London apartment. (Screen capture via Metropolitan Police)

Yesterday’s inquest concluded that Fasoli died unlawfully.

Authorities originally believed that the fire was accidental, considering that matches were found by Fasoli’s body.

Defence Inspector Stevenson, who was not involved in the original investigation, said: “There were none of the classic tell-tale signs of a deliberate fire.

“When you have an arson, you usually have a number [of] places where a fire was started. In this case, there was no evidence of that, or of an accelerant being used.

“It must have burned off.”

Inspectors also said there was no clear evidence Fasoli had been restrained.

Stevenson continued: “He would have been consenting to everything at first, so there was not any sign of restraint marks during the autopsy.

“Because of fire damage, any marks had been burned off.”