Woman smashes car with baseball bat over her girlfriend’s affair with her own mother

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 06: A policeman gets into a police car, parked between security fences, on September 6, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. (Amos Aikman/Getty Images)

Armed with a baseball bat, a 22-year-old woman bust the windows of a car after she found out her girlfriend was in a relationship with her mother.

Courts in Toowoomba, Australia, heard that the woman, who cannot be named, went to her estranged partner’s home with the bat on 10 October.

Then, she smashed a window on the house and damaged the car before leaving, the Toowoomba Chronicle reported, before ending up in a violent altercation with her former partner outside a school.

Mother moves in with her daughter’s ex-girlfriend and two kids. 

Her solicitor, Joe McConnell, told the Toowoomba Magistrates Court that his client reacted in this way after discovering her mother was in a sexual relationship with her girlfriend of four years.

She initially suspected something when she saw a mark on her mother’s neck.

When the couple separated in September, McConnell said, their two children remained with the girlfriend.

Yet new living arrangements – her mother moving in with her ex-girlfriend – have made seeing her children difficult, he said.

However, her rap sheet was highlighted by police prosecutors. Rowan Brewster-Webb said the woman had a string of violent prior offences.

This included her being on a suspended jail term for an unrelated charge of unlawful wounding, as well as assaulting police thereby causing bodily harm.

Magistrate Kay Ryan said the sentencing was difficult to enforce due to this and her “serious” actions.

“I understand the circumstances and how it occurred, but that is no excuse,” Ryan said.

“You have come this close to a term of imprisonment.”

She pleaded guilty to two counts of wilful damage (domestic violence offence) and to one count of contravening a police direction.

Justices recommended she go on an anger management course.

Woman then attacks former partner with handbag while collecting kids from school.

Yet, the woman later ended up in court again. This time, after an altercation at her child’s school last Friday.

While collecting her daughter during the afternoon, the principal called the woman’s ex-girlfriend.

A scuffle ensued, leading to the woman hitting her former partner in the arms and ribs with her handbag.

Her yelling and swearing in front of a classroom upset the children, police told the court, and she was later taken into custody.

Yesterday, the woman pleaded guilty to disturbing the good order of a state educational institution and breaching a domestic violence order.

Magistrate Robbie Davies ordered the woman do 100 hours community service.