Instagram deleted Jason Derulo’s thirst trap and he’s seriously not happy about it

The rather risqué photograph of Jason Derulo was removed from Instagram, and he was in no way happy. (Instagram)

Singer Jason Derulo has a bone to pick with Instagram after his risqué underwear photograph was removed.

The rapper was caught between a rock and a hard place earlier this week after the social media website took down his viral photo form last month because it violated community guidelines.

Derulo lashed back against the move in a scathing and since deleted Instagram post, saying he “can’t help” his size.

He then later clarified to TMZ that he was not erect in the thirst trap and just had a “semi”.

‘I can’t help my size!’ says Jason Derulo.

On Tuesday, the ‘Swalla’ singer shared a notice he received from Instagram.

In it, he told his five million followers that the platform took down his scantily-clad post because it clashes with guidelines on nudity and asexual activity, according to Daily Dot.

“We removed your post because it goes against our Community Guidelines on nudity or sexual activity. Out guidelines are based on our global community, and some audiences may be sensitive to different things,” the explanation read.

“F*** you mean?” he captioned the post. “I have underwear on, I can’t help my size.

“#BringBackAnaconda” he commented.

The 30-year-old also dropped an Instagram Story re-asserting his point: “It’s discrimination.

“Like, I understand, I can’t help my size, but you can’t take down my pic.”

Rapper gives erection masterclass and calls his eggplant a ‘beast’.

TMZ later ran into Jason Derulo and asked him the hard-hitting question: “Were you aroused?”

“I was not aroused”, Derulo laughed, “that was the funny thing about it.

“I was literally coming out of the water, I wouldn’t say I was shrivelled up, because I definitely wasn’t.

“I might have had a semi.”

American singer Jason Derulo. (Gina Wetzler/Redferns)

American singer Jason Derulo. (Gina Wetzler/Redferns)

Derulo then staged a brief biology 101 class, when he lectured the reporter on erections, explaining that: “It leans more to the front. If it’s just on the side, and it’s just chilling on the side, it’s a semi.

“An arousal looks different. It’s a different vibe. When it’s fully aroused, it’s a different beast.”

But his followers will likely be semi-distraught to learn that, as a result of the saga, Derulo isn’t going to be posting anymore pictures anytime soon.

Addressing instagram, he said: “Stop hating on the kid, man, let me live.”