University student makes vile homophobic, racist and sexist comments while claiming queer people ‘don’t deserve rights’

In a viral video, someone who is allegedly a University of California, Berkeley, student used vicious racial and homophobic slurs. (Screen captures via Twitter)

An American university student has been caught in a crossfire of outrage after he said LGBT+ people, people of colour and women do not deserve rights in a Snapchat video.

The man in the clip stated that he doesn’t think “they should have rights at all”, which incited fury from students at the University of California, Berkeley, US.

University administrators have since stated they are taking “appropriate action” on the student, who has allegedly since pleaded online for “the chance to be forgiven”.

University student: ‘I f***ing hate those n**** f*****s.’

In the clip, originally posted on Snapchat before being shared on TikTok and Twitter, a young man sits down on what appeared to be a dorm bed wearing a Tommy Hillfiger t-shirt.

He says: “I f***ing hate those n**** f*****s.”

“Have you heard how bad Black people are? I f***ing hate them,” the man added.

Someone off-camera asked the man why he thinks “black people are so bad”, to which he responded: “They’re f*****g black.”

“Do you think they [black people] should have the same rights as us?” to which the student replies: “I don’t think they should have rights at all.

“They’re like women.”

Berkeley students call for the man to be removed from the university as he allegedly pleads forgiveness .  

The video went viral, tallying more than 3.6 million views on Twitter and being a magnet for condemnation from fellow students and users alike.

Many called for the individual to be removed from the university.

Campus officials later issued a statement and noted they are both aware of the incident and the strong reactions it incited.

The campus is taking appropriate action in response to this video being posted on social media,” the statement read.

“Due to federal laws and UC policy that protect student privacy, we do not discuss the situation of individual students.”

Moreover, a reddit user with the handle ‘u/throwaway-berkley’ claimed to be the student in the video.

In a post on the r/berkely subreddit, the user sought to clean up the controversy by asserting he was “very sorry” for the comments he made.

“The video was recorded when we weren’t in the clearest of minds.

“We recorded that originally as a joke and we impulsively posted it online.

“However, we quickly realized the problems and damages that this could have potentially caused, so I immediately took it down.”

The user alleged that they have spoke to the residential assistant and “confessed the issue already, and have explained to her exactly what led up to this video.”