Student who claims he’s worth $50 million arrested after viral ‘homophobic’ and ‘racist’ rant

A student launched into a verbal and physical tirade in a Californian high school. (Screen captures via Twitter)

An American student shouting homophobic and racist slurs at classmates in a vile viral video has been arrested.

Dayton Kingery, 21, left classmates stunned and horrified after hurling horrific insults at Chapman University in California.

He had been drinking all day, he later told law enforcement, while college administrators confirmed his arrest on 6 February, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Kingery attempted to resist arrest and scuffled with a campus safety officer who is over 65, resulting in additional charges being stacked, police said.

What happened?

Kingery shouted, “I f**king hate n*****s”, according to footage, promoting classmates to ask for him to quiet down.

“I f***ing hate f*****s, too,” he continued, “how about that?”

“All right, you’ve got to here out of here, bro,” a student responded.

In another video, Kingery demands that another student not say his name while on camera. “You don’t know who I am, guy,” he said.

“I’m not kidding,” he continued, “I’ll f***in’ bury you, I’m worth, like, $50 million.”

Kingery then launched into a physical assault with another student, calling him a “f**”.

A group of students then force him out of the classroom. But when handed the wrong backpack, Kingery hurled it down the hallway and stomped on it.

He then shouted at the person whose backpack it belonged to: “Hope your laptop was in there, f***ing f****t.”

‘Disrespectful’ student arrested and ‘no longer’ at university. 

Chapman University president Daniele Struppa later confirmed in a Twitter statement that Kingery is “no longer a student” at the college following his “inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour.”

Moreover, she said, “appropriate legal and disciplinary processes are being implemented.

“I also wanted to extend my deepest apologies to the black and LGBTQIA communities who were specifically targeted during today’s incident.”

Kingery was taken into custody Tuesday at Orange county Jail. Police booked him on suspicion of making criminal threats and felony vandalism, Orange police sergeant Phil McMullin said.

Jail records showed Kingery posted bond and was released from custody.