H&M gives us gay rights for Christmas with a holiday advert showing two men kissing as Judy Garland plays

Two men kissing in a stairwell in H&M advert

The H&M Christmas advert is a celebration of love, but naturally not everybody is overjoyed by it.

Another day, another LGBT-themed holiday advert. This time it’s H&M’s turn, with its new holiday film giving gay and lesbian couples significant screen time alongside straight pairs.

Early on in the ad, titled ‘Moments in Between’, we see two women making love eyes at each other in a laundrette.

Later, we’re treated to two men kissing passionately in a mistletoe-laden stairwell, all to the sound of Judy Garland’s ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’.

These are two brief but nonetheless welcome pieces of representation for LGBT+ people, some of whom often find the holidays particularly trying. 

H&M Christmas advert garners complaints from homophobes.

Sadly, the homophobes have been out in force, leaving negative comments on both YouTube and Instagram.

Pride reports that H&M has been deleting anti-LGBT+ comments on the picture-sharing app, and replied to one follower: “We have a strong belief in love being for all and would like everyone to keep a friendly tone.

“Therefore comments that are extremely hurtful and not in line with our well-rooted values about equality have been removed.”

On YouTube, comments for the video have been turned off, and at the time of publishing, thumbs down outweighed thumbs up almost two to one.