The new lesbian mayor of the Colombian capital Bogotá just married her senator girlfriend

mayor of the Colombian capital city Bogotá

The newly elected lesbian mayor of the Colombian capital city Bogotá just married her senator girlfriend in matching white pantsuits.

Claudia López – who is a member of Colombia’s Green Alliance party – was elected in October and will take office in January 2020, making her the first female, and first openly gay, mayor of Bogotá.

The position of mayor of Bogotá is considered the second most important political position in the country after the president.

She also graduated with a PhD in Political Science from Northwestern University in 2019, but the highlight of her year came on Tuesday (December 18) when she married her girlfriend, Colombian senator Angélica Lozano.

López posted pictures of a wedding photoshoot in which the couple wore fabulous white pantsuits, and wrote: “Heading to the happiest moment of my life!

“I love you, my divine Angelica! Thank you for existing and for always loving me. I promise to honour you and love you all your life!

“Thanks to life for this wonderful year: I graduated from with my doctorate, won the Mayor’s Office and married the love of my life!”

López even posted a picture of her dog, Lucky, dressed for the wedding in a green bowtie. The caption read: “Here I am getting ready for tomorrow, my mom’s special day!”

She later said that the couple’s outfits were designed by Ángel Yañez, and added: “Thank you all for sharing our happiness and for your good wishes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!”

(Raúl Higuera/ Claudia López/ Twitter)

López is a former journalist and is well-known in Colombia for her outspoken stance against right-wing politicians and her campaigning for better policies around climate change.

She has also had significant involvement in anti-corruption efforts in Colombia, and Arlene Tickner, political science professor at Rosario University, told Al Jazeera that Lopez’s election is “historic”.

She added: “Her long-standing fight against corruption will hopefully create a battle cry that other like-minded elected officials throughout Colombia can join.”