Ricky Gervais meekly declares ‘trans women are women’ after calls to be sacked from Golden Globes gig for ‘transphobia’

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has declared that “trans women are women”, despite continuing to compare them to predatory men, after calls for him to be sacked as host of the Golden Globes.

Last week the actor went on an anti-trans Twitter rant in support of JK Rowling. The Harry Potter author voiced her support for a woman who pursued legal action to have “gender-critical views” protected under the UK Equalities Act.

A judge ruled that anti-trans or gender critical views are not a protected characteristic, adding that such views are “not worthy of respect in a democratic society” and that they conflict with the fundamental human rights of others.

As well as his support of Rowling and her anti-trans comments, Gervais continued his rant by replying to Jarvis Dupont, who runs an entire Twitter account to make fun of trans people by pretending to be a trans woman who wants to “ban reality”.

Gervais, attempting to make a joke by also pretending to be trans, wrote: “Those awful biological women can never understand what it must be like for you becoming a lovely lady so late in life.

“They take their girly privileges for granted. Winning at female sports and having their own toilets. Well, enough is enough.”

As Twitter users called him out on his “transphobic” comments, Gervais kept digging a hole… for 31 hours. He continued to push the false anti-trans narrative that trans women pose a threat to cis women when allowed to access single sex spaces such as public restrooms.

He said: “We need to protect the rights of women. Not erode them because some men have found a new cunning way to dominate and demonise an entire sex.”

He also added: “Maybe you haven’t been following the various stories of male predators hiding beneath the trans umbrella and exploiting self ID to abuse women. That’s why I said men and not trans women.”


But finally, in a bizarre turnaround, asked to clarify if he thinks “trans women are men or that there is another group of people that are men and up to no good”, he said: “Sure. I think trans women are women. I wasn’t talking about trans people.”

Understandably confused, one Twitter user said: “This goes against everything else you’ve said on this issue for over a year.” Helpfully, another responded: “The Golden Globes is only a couple of weeks away.”

Ricky Gervais defended “transphobia” by saying “I also make jokes about AIDS”

Many have called for Gervais to be fired from hosting the Golden Globes because of his “history of transphobia”, and Twitter users suspected this may be the reason for his out-of-character statement about trans people. Another said: “I “Guess we’ll find out after the awards.”

Asked if he understood the “real harm” he was causing to trans kids with his “transphobia”, Gervais responded: “I do. I also make jokes about AIDS, Cancer, Famine and The Holocaust. Those things do a bit of harm too. But jokes don’t. Have a nice day.”