Gay men spat on and called ‘p***y boy f*****s’ by straight couple after asking them to stop having loud sex

A gay couple were repeatedly targeted by hotel guests. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Two gay men claim they were told by hotel guests that they were an “abomination against the Bible”.

They were also called “p***y boy f*****s” after asking a straight couple staying at the same hotel as them to stop having loud sex.

David and his partner, who wish to remain anonymous, told PinkNews that during their stay at TUI Sensatori Resort Barut Fethiye, Turkey, last year their holiday was ruptured by the loud moans of a straight couple staying next-door.

But when David kindly asked the couple to quiet down, they lashed out at him, launching homophobic slurs at him and his partner before trying to knock down their door and spitting on them the following day.

Moreover, when they alerted TUI staff to the multiple incidents, they were allegedly told no action would be taken given that it was their “first strike”, sparking outrage from the couple.

TUI representatives later confirmed that, following the incidents, the customer was removed from the hotel.

Couple caught having ‘loud sex’ spat on gay man’s face and called he and his partner an ‘abomination’. 

In a complaint sent to TUI by David, seen by PinkNews, the couple explained that in the evening of October 15, 2019, a couple next door in the hotel were “having very loud sex in their room”.

David took the issue to reception, citing the noise as “unacceptable”. Hotel organisers then sent security to ask the couple to quiet down, but they didn’t answer the door.

As a result, David reported the incident to a TUI representative, who informed him the couple would be given a warning – he alleged they did not receive such a warning, however.

But the next day at around 3pm, “this happened again – this time woman screaming so loud it was echoing down the hotel corridor.

“Again the couple wouldn’t answer door to security or TUI rep,” the complaint continued.

“My partner caught them as they left their room and said: ‘Would you mind keeping noise down.’”

“Bloke told us to mind our own business and girl started mouthing off and told us to shut up – my partner told her she was the one that needed to shut up and shut door.

“Bloke tried to physically kick door down saying: ‘F***ing come out here you p***y boy f****t, you don’t speak to my wife like that.’

“I called reception immediately and they already had a room ready to move us into due to the previous complaints.”

He added: “That night we were unable to leave the room due to fear of bumping into the couple.”

Gay men told by TUI representatives the couple would not be removed despite multiple incidents of homophobia.

However, David and his partner were pummelled with more homophobia the following morning, they said.

“Bloke walked up to my partner as we were eating breakfast in the restaurant, shoved table into him, then spat in my partner’s face and said: ‘You two are an abomination against the Bible.'”

David rushed to the TUI representative, who informed him that “guests were allowed ‘one strike’ before action is taken”, despite there being a string of homophobic incidents.

Ringing local law enforcement, authorities said that they could “not count spitting in someone’s face as assault”.

Moreover, Turkish law offers little in protections against discrimination for LGBT+ people. Anti-discrimination laws are frail, and large-scale Prides have been frequently banned by public officials in the past.

After the incidents, David said he and his partner bounced to a hotel next door.

Homophobic customer was removed from hotel, confirms TUI.

TUI representatives later told the couple that, after scrolling through all filed reports and surveillance footage, that the “correct procedures had taken place in resort with our guidelines for situations like this.

“The guests in question were given a warning and should anything have escalated any further, then the staff would have taken the next step.”

The representative recommended that David get in touch with police in the UK should he “wish to pursue this matter further”.

A TUI UK spokesperson told PinkNews that the customer who committed the result was removed from the hotel premises following the incident.

They added: “We’re very sorry to hear of the [redacted] party’s experience in Turkey last year.

“We have procedures in place for incidents in-resort and can confirm the customer was removed from the hotel in accordance with our safety guidelines.

“We’d like to reassure customers that we take matters like this extremely seriously and instances like this are extremely rare.”