Trans TV star India Willoughby calls Meghan Markle a ‘Poundland Diana’ and it seriously backfires

Budget chain store slams trans TV star India Willoughby for calling Meghan Markle a ‘Poundland Diana’

In what will likely be the biggest feud of 2020, British chain store Poundland has hit out at transgender television presenter India Willoughby for calling Meghan Markle a “Poundland Diana.”

In a since deleted tweet, Willoughby suggested that the Duchess of Sussex is a “Poundland” version of Princess Diana, the Daily Star reports.

Willoughby made the comments in a tirade against Prince Harry and Markle after the pair announced that they would be stepping back as senior members of the Royal family.

But Poundland officials were not impressed at Willoughby’s comments. In a statement released yesterday, a spokesperson said her views were “disrespectful to our 18,000 colleagues”.

Poundland urges India Willoughby not to fall back on stereotypes.

Poundland said Willoughby – as a former nominee for a British LGBT Award – “should understand how important it is not to fall back on stereotypes”.

The statement said: “We’re as proud to be Poundland as you are rightly to be Britain’s first transgender TV newsreader,” the statement continued.

“We refuse to be silent when those who should know better use our name in this way.

“We think you should treat who we are, with the same respect I’m sure you expect others to treat you.

“The thousands of my colleagues who are proud to work for Poundland would appreciate that.”

Willoughby was also slammed by Twitter users for the comparison. One person claimed that her comments were “offensive to people who shop at Poundland”.

‘Don’t judge other people for who they are.’

“Makes me sad,” they continued. “It’s very simple: if you don’t want people to judge who you are, don’t judge other people for who they [are].”

Willoughby hit back as Twitter users called her out for referring to Markle as a “Poundland Diana”.

“Rubbish,” the TV host wrote. “I’m not judging anyone. It’s a contemporary, widely-used turn of phrase comparing something high-end to something cheap. Bought things there myself.

“The wokesters in the PR office need to chill out,” she added.

Willoughby hit out at Markle following the couple’s announcement that they would be stepping back from their roles within the Royal family.

“Anyone who thinks #Diana – my idol – would be pally with #Meghan has lost the plot,” she wrote. “Meghan’s split up her sons, moved Harry to a different country and isolated him. Diana went into her marriage to be ROYAL. Not a celeb.”

She also accused Markle of being a “gold digger”.