Transgender barber Max Cresham died by suicide after suffering from depression and anxiety

Max Cresham

A 25-year-old transgender man called Max Cresham died by suicide, an inquest has heard.

Max Cresham, from Northwich, Cheshire, had been recovering from top surgery and had reportedly complained of suffering from “low moods” in the lead up to his death.

He died on July 20 last year.

The inquest recorded a conclusion of suicide, with assistant coroner Peter Sigee saying “he had the intention to end his life”.

The inquest heard that Cresham was “full of wit, humour and joy”.

He had come out as trans in 2017, started hormone treatment in 2018 and had top surgery with a private gender clinic in 2019.

Cresham’s mother, Wendy, said in a statement: “Max had previously been diagnosed with anxiety and depression that had been about a year before the gender dysphoria diagnosis had been given.

“He started taking gender replacement hormones but then began to suffer from acne which was severe enough to lower his mood and he took various medications to treat it. He then had surgery in May 2019 to remove breast tissue.

“Overall, he seemed a low mood since surgery – he wasn’t morose but he just seemed a bit fed up being stuck inside the house, which is a normal reaction to the circumstances. It didn’t seem significant to me at the time.

“I knew he had suffered low mood in the past but I never saw it in a way that made me think Max needed help. I suppose you can’t know truly how Max was feeling.”

A statement from an unnamed GP said: “He had been treated at a gender dysphoria clinic at Sheffield Thornbury Hospital.

“Max reported he had always felt he was a boy and he felt in a good place to go ahead with treatment. There were no significant or worrying consultations during the period and no issues regarding mental health during surgery.”
Almost half of young trans people have attempted death by suicide, according to Stonewall research.

The Samaritans are the UK’s suicide reduction charity and their free helpline number is 116 123.

More information about supporting trans young people can be found on Mermaids website.