Gay Republican claims Democrats support Sharia law and beheading gay people in bizarre rant

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

The Broward County Log Cabin Republicans’ president accused Democrats Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib of supporting Sharia law and the executions of LGBT+ people in a bizarre, conspiracy-laden rant.

Andrew Brett also proclaimed Donald Trump an LGBT+ ally and invoked Hitler in a tangent about gun rights during his speech at a rally in Florida.

“The Democratic Party has become the party of division in America, whereas the Republican Party is the party of inclusion for all Americans,” he said according to South Florida Gay News.

“The GLBT [sic] Democratic residents of Broward County don’t understand or comprehend the catastrophic results of Sharia Law.

“Omar and Tlaib support Sharia Law and definitely do not support the GLBT community even though they claim to be Democrats.

“Omar and Tlaib are not friends of the GLBT community and support the execution of beheadings of GLBT people.”

Neither Omar or Tlaib, the first-ever Muslim-American women elected to Congress, have made any such indications. Rather, they are both progressive Democrats who proudly support LGBT+ rights.

Incredulously, Brett went on to suggest that gun critics should look to Nazi history as a sort of warning.

“Might I remind the GLBT community that Hitler took the guns away from 20,000 people and you saw how that played out,” he said.

“The Log Cabin Republicans totally support the Second Amendment and we’ll be damned if any Socialists will take that right a way.”

Gay Republican says Trump has promised to end the AIDS crisis within 10 years.

Moving on to the topic of Trump, Brett listed a number of things that the president has done for LGBT+ people.

The majority were false, including a claim that Trump has promised to end the AIDS crisis in 10 years.

He continued: “So when GLBT folks, not only in Broward County, but throughout the country say, ‘President Trump is taking our rights away.’ I always ask ‘What rights has he taken away from you when you woke up this morning?’ He hasn’t. And didn’t.”

Around 12 supporters turned out to hear Brett’s speech. About three dozen counter protestors  also attended, drowning out much of his speech out with bull horns and chants.

Michael Rajner, the local activist who organised the counter-protest, told South Florida Gay News: “I think it’s important to be here because generations that follow us will be subject to the horrible laws and punishments from this administration if [Trump] should be reelected.”