This not-at-all fragile straight man thinks his girlfriend wearing boxers to bed makes him ‘gay’

A guy hated when his girlfriend wore boxers to bed because it's "gay", showing just how strong and stable his masculinity is. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Fellas, is it gay when your girlfriend wears boxers to bed to be comfortable?

That’s the very real question a 29-year-old man is asking. Yes, really.

Some men find a lot of things “gay”, from recycling to sunsets to even comfortable chairs. Others try forming ‘Straight Prides’, most likely to march about how they earn more money on average than their queer counterparts.

In today’s case, a guy’s girlfriend, 23, rallied for advice on reddit after he told her that her wearing boxers in bed is a “turn off” and is “gay”.

“As a bisexual woman,” she wrote, “I cannot see an alternative to breaking up right now.”

Good for her.

Very, very secure boyfriend hates when his girlfriend wears boxers to bed.

In the r/relationships subreddit, the user explained how her sleepwear consists of tank tops and boxers.

During the day, she opts for “small and lacey” underwear, while in the night she swaps them out for cotton-blend men’s boxers. “They’re really comfy and really big.

“I don’t think they’re ugly, They’re just not very cute.”

She then explained how boyfriend stayed the night, but things got tense when she went to change.

“I pull out the boxers [and he] asks if I can wear some of my ‘nice’ underwear to bed.

“I tell him that wearing lace all day and then overnight and again the following day is how you get yeast infections and he asks me why I had to mention yeast infections.”

What a supportive partner.

“I put them on and go to get into bed and he asks me to take them off, not for sex, but just so I’m not wearing boxers to bed. I ask him what the big deal is and he says: ‘Forgive me for wanting to find you attractive.’

“I don’t know what to say to that but he rolls over, straight to sleep, no cuddling.

“This morning I wake him, we kiss, I’m thinking it’ll lead to sex, but he touches my boxers, stops, gets dressed and leaves.”

She continued: “This is starting to affect my self esteem just a bit. I’m only wearing them because they’re comfortable and I don’t want to buy all new stuff, but this is apparently a real turn off for him and it’s causing problems.

“What do I do to fix this issue without completely caving?”
Plot twist: She didn’t cave, but decided to break-up with him.

Texting him to ask exactly why he doesn’t approve of her being comfortable to be told he thinks “it’s ‘gay'” was the last straw.

Although, perhaps aware of armchair Freudian wannabes, she anticipated some responses: “He is not gay. Or bi,” she said.

“Or otherwise experiencing internalised homophobia. 99 per cent of homophobes are straight. He is within that 99 per cent.

“This is not Glee.”

Man’s fragile masculinity proves too much for Twitter who are now pleading for oblivion.