Prince Charles denies throwing royal shade at ‘homophobe’ Mike Pence, despite evidence to the contrary

Prince Charles walking past Mike Pence

Prince Charles has denied snubbing anti-gay US vice president Mike Pence at a Holocaust memorial event after a video appeared to show just that.

The first-in-line to the throne was greeting world leaders at the event in Israel to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on January 23 when he appeared to snub Pence.

A video widely shared on social media shows Prince Charles shaking hands with a line of attendees. When he reaches Pence, he skips him and instead greets the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The incident managed to unite gay Twitter and royal Twitter in disbelief.

The apparent snub was all the more delicious considering that Prince Charles had a day earlier posed for pictures with climate activist Greta Thunberg, one of the Trump administration’s biggest adversaries.

Prince Charles’ office at Clarence House told Press Association that the Pence snub was not as it seemed, and that despite the vice president’s many links to anti-LGBT+ forces and his continued attacks on queer people, the two had cosied up earlier on during the event.

“Shortly before the Yad Vashem memorial event began, the Prince and vice president Pence and his wife had a warm and friendly chat, which is why they did not greet each other again in the room,” a spokesperson said.

The statement did nothing to calm Twitter, which often delights in casting the hereditary monarchy as liberal, anti-establishment rebels.

In December Princess Anne was labelled “sassy” after appearing to snub Donald and Melania Trump.

A video showed her shrugging at the Queen, who had apparently beckoned her over to greet the couple.

Two years earlier, the monarch had her own “Yassss Queen” moment when she wore a blue and yellow hat to the state opening of parliament, which many took as a covert signal that she was a secret Remainer.