American pick-up artist, who definitely isn’t homophobic, is seriously upset over an eight-month-old LGBT sandwich

M&S have launched an LGBT sandwich.

An American man yesterday was threatened by a lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato sandwich which, apparently, is the mascot of the LGBT+ agenda.

Yesterday, Tariq Nasheed, an anti-racist activist, tweeted a photo of the infamous “LGBT” sandwich sold by British supermarket Marks & Spencers as part of a Pride Month promotion in 2019.

Apparently only just discovering the sandwich, which the majority of the world has since emotionally moved on from, he shared a photo of it and gave his take.

“Bu, bu, bu, but,” he tweeted, “AiNt nO aGeNdA.”

The sandwich pictured went off 272 days ago, so is about as rotten as Nasheed’s attempt to invalidate the LGBT+ community.

A producer and author, Nasheed’s books on dating and finding women include The Mack’ Within, The Elite Way: 10 Rules Men Must Know in Order to Deal With Women, and The Art of Gold Digging.

Many of books explore pick-up artistry, a string of the men’s rights movement that purport the science of seduction.

Many queer Twitter users had thoughts on author’s take on the first sandwich eaten at Stonewall.

Anyway, what is the ‘LGBT sandwich’?

A Pride-themed snack, the pinnacle of corporation’s pocketing the pink pound, a sandwich that will convert you into a rampant homosexual.

Many, many people had opinions and thoughts on the M&S sandwich, which cause a stir among social media users in May, 2019.

The supermarket released the BLT-plus-guacamole sandwich to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity dedicated to helping homeless LGBT+ youth.

The retailer says it has donated £10,000 to the charity, and will be making a further £1,000 donation to another charity called BeLong to Youth Services in Ireland.