Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez channels Drag Race royalty while shutting down right-wing haters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a PSA for those bemoaning cancel culture

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ guest judge stint on Drag Race season 12 has gone down about as well as you’d expect with conservative critics, but fortunately the Democrat knows just how to deal with haters.

Just when you thought she’d hit peak icon levels, Ocasio-Cortez revealed she had “pledged allegiance to the drag” as a guest judge for Drag Race season 12.

The Democrat and long-time RuPaul fan said appearing on the show “was absolutely, 100 per cent a peak experience” for her, tweeting: “I am SO excited for the new season. Thank you @RuPaulsDragRace for having me!”

News of Ocasio-Cortez’ involvement appeared to be quite triggering for some.

“She might as well pledge it to the drag cause she sure doesn’t pledge it too [sic] the flag,” wrote one critic.

Another suggested that Ocasio-Cortez appearing on Drag Race is somehow incompatible with her belief in a Green New Deal.

According to one follower, the news is proof that AOC (as many call her) is a ‘typical communist’. Katya would be so proud!

Broadway actor Mark MacKillop was among those ‘living for all the conservatives losing their damn minds over AOC on Drag Race‘.

His tweet caught the attention of Ocasio-Cortez, who replied: ‘They can go back to Party City.’

Her response, naturally, left fans gagging.

Ocasio-Cortez’ love of drag is, for some reason, catnip to the alt-right.

When the Democrat shared a now-legendary photo with Drag Race legend Sasha Velour, the internet unleashed a sea of vitriol.

Among the more tame critiques was the suggestion that if Ocasio-Cortez was to win the presidency in 2024, “that pink tall person will be our Supreme Court judge.”

The comment quickly became a meme, with Velour telling PinkNews that the entire thing was a “pink phenomenon”.