Jameela Jamil delivers blistering read to ‘pointless, boring, misogynist’ Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan and Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil delivered a blistering read to Piers Morgan after he accused her of “victimhood-craving”.

Morgan jumped on the Jameela Jamil hate-wagon after The Good Place actor was accused of faking a number of medical conditions.

A viral tweet suggested that Jamil was suffering from Munchausen’s syndrome – a mental condition which makes people fake illnesses – prompting her to explain her medical history at length.

Among the conditions Jamil clarified was the severe nut allergy she has spoken of in the past.

After critics pointed out that she had recently posted a picture of herself with a peanut butter pretzel, Jamie said that her allergy had “cleared up” as she grew older.

Morgan said that this was “a miracle”.

“So happy for you,” he tweeted on Thursday, February 13.

“Hope your other 1,345 virtue-signalling victimhood-craving ailments make similarly miraculous recoveries.”

“There is no cure for you being a pointless, boring, misogynist p***k sadly,” Jamil replied.

According to the NHS, “studies have shown that young children may grow out of peanut allergy but this is unlikely for older children and adults”.

Jameela Jamil addresses Munchausen’s syndrome rumours.

Earlier in the day Jamil went on a lengthy Twitter spree, making up a number of rumours about herself in response to the Munchausen’s conspiracy.

“Now that I have made it to crazy rumour level fame, let’s start more,” she wrote.

“I’m not actually south Asian. It’s all Bobbi Brown bronzer. Also my I have a tattoo of my own tits on my forehead, and that’s why I always have a fringe. Also, I’m BANKSY.”

According to Jamil, she also lives in a house with Tupac and Biggie, and regularly welcomes Vladimir Putin round for poker night.

At the end of her spree Jamil thanked her “wonderful and hilarious” supporters who “helped this stupid day be a real joy”.

Voguing backlash prompted actor to come out as queer.

On Monday, February 10 Jamil addressed the “perfect clusterf**k” that led to her coming out as queer.

The I Weigh activist found herself on the receiving end of a backlash after it was announced she would appear in a new voguing competition show, Legendary, on February 6.

Many complained that she was taking up space which rightfully belonged to the queer community – specifically members of the ballroom scene.

While defending herself Jamil came out as queer, which she subsequently admitted was “bad” timing.

“In a moment of distress and pain, personal things were blurted out,” she wrote on Instagram.