Jameela Jamil reveals the important reason why she’s blocked Piers Morgan

Jameela Jamil and Piers Morgan

Jameela Jamil announced that she’s blocked Piers Morgan on Twitter for the sake of her young followers.

The Good Place actor has been embroiled in a war of words with Morgan in recent days, after the Good Morning Britain host accused her of “virtue-signalling victimhood-craving”.

Their argument continued over the weekend with Morgan mocking Jamil for her “latest terrible affliction, Munchausen [sic] syndrome” – the mental condition which causes people to lie about having other illnesses, which she was accused of having last week.

Jamil told Morgan in a since-deleted post that she would be “remembered one day for being the annoying woman who changed global policies and worked in-laws to protect/destigmatise the mental health of our youth”.

“You will be remembered as the annoying rent-a-gob and celebrity stalker who was on literally EVERY wrong side of history,” she added.

Morgan replied: “You won’t be remembered at all”.

Tweet from Piers Morgan: You won't be remembered at all

Jameela Jamil and Piers Morgan exchanged barbs. (Twitter)

Following the row, Jamil announced that she has decided to block Morgan to protect her young fans.

“He’s using his platform ONLY to perpetuate the hateful emotional violence that leads to the nervous breakdown of young, vulnerable people,” she tweeted.

“In and out of the spotlight. I expose his name to a new young audience when I tweet him, which endangers them.”

She has also made her Twitter account private.

Jameela Jamil accused of lying about illnesses after coming out as queer.

Jameela Jamil was last week caused of faking a number of illnesses, including a “severe” nut allergy and cancer.

The actor, who has a rare connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and is a two-time cancer survivor, spent hours on Twitter setting the record straight and channeled her Good Place character Tahani while making light of the situation. 

Jamil’s boyfriend, the musician James Blake, was one of many who came to her defence, revealing that she had been forced to turn down “huge, life changing jobs” because of her condition.

One job that Jamil was able to accept was a judging role on Legendary, a new HBO voguing competition show.

News of her casting sparked a fierce backlash, prompting Jamil to come out as queer while defending her decision to accept the role.

On Sunday she gave fans a first look at the series, sharing a video of “the most extraordinary ball”, telling followers: “I can’t stress enough how much I know how lucky I am to be allowed in any way at all into this world.”