Jameela Jamil says she ‘fancies everyone’ as she comes out as bisexual

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil has further defined her sexuality after coming out as queer last month, saying she’s bisexual, possibly pansexual.

Last month, HBO announced that the actor, activist, model and presenter would be sitting on a panel of judges for its new unscripted voguing competition Legendary.

The announcement prompted a huge amount backlash from many who believed Jamil wasn’t representative of the Black and Latinx LGBT+ community in which voguing originated.

In response to the criticism over her casting, Jamil set the record straight by coming out as queer a few days later, only to face a barrage of yet more criticism.

She and Phillip Schofield came out within the same 48 hours.

While Jamil continued to be attacked, Schofield was showered with praise, making a powerful point about how hard it still is to come out as a queer woman, particularly a queer woman of colour.

Now, Jamil has further defined her sexuality, saying she identifies as bisexual, or possibly pansexual.

She told The Times: “People are still kind of stuck in the linear and don’t understand the spectrum of sexuality.

“I guess I’m bisexual, but also quite fancy everyone.

“I don’t know if that means that I’m pansexual. But I don’t just fancy cis straight men; I fancy everyone.”

Jameela Jamil urged all LGBT+ people to come out at their “own pace”.

In February, opening up about the “completely overwhelming” chain of events that ended with her coming out to the world as queer, Jameela Jamil urged those who are yet to come out to do so when it is right and safe for them to do so.

She said: “Don’t feel bad for hiding it for as long as you need, and move at your own pace.

“But feel no shame about getting it off your chest and know you aren’t alone.

“There is a huge community of people who understand you, respect you and stand with you.”