Lady Gaga is dropping Stupid Love on Friday and here is everything we know so far

A single billboard next to a traffic light and a pick-up truck with a couple of orange cones amended four years of silence from the once former singer Lady Gaga, who will drop her new single “Stupid Love” Friday.

News of the pink billboard radiated across Twitter Tuesday evening. Fans broke into aggressive bouts of ra-ra-ra-ing while others said “yas” for at least 12 minutes straight.

The lead single to sixth album will bring about the long-awaited LG6 era, an album which may outsell the Bible.

“‘STUPID LOVE’ THE NEW SINGLE BY LADY GAGA OUT FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT ET,” the pop star tweeted, confirming the track’s Friday release date.

She paired the announcement of religious significance with a bright promotional billboard emblazoned with “Stupid Love” and a pair of glossy pink lips.

Considering that only a few weeks ago did fans heckle the singer to play the song and the track blared out of the speaker systems of a major fashion show it leaked earlier this year, it’s safe to Gaga’s comeback will be bigger than Jesus.

Fans ascended into the astral plane of existence after having the tweet bless their timelines.

But some threw their detectives cap back on. One final time. 

From the Bayonetta video games series to the colour pink. There was a lot to comb through.

Seriously, a lot.

Firstly, the billboard.

Little Monsters basically sent the billboard to the lab for deep, lengthy analysis.

Many were quick to say that the way she announced her album may be a callback to her last dip into music; 2018’s A Star is Born.

Later, Gaga assisted investigators by uploading the image of the billboard as her Twitter header.


Could LG6 be called Chromatica?

Speculation was stirred after some fans spied on the promotional banner the word: “Chromatica.”

It’s in both they far right and the far left of the billboard, clearly the hitmaker’s way of bridging the scathing political divide.

The album, detectives say, maybe called “Chromatica”.

The word “chromatic” – soon to be the most requested tattoo across the world – has dual meanings, referring to both the chromatic music scale and to colour.

Colour is crucial here, with the design of the billboard is all very Y2K Aesthetic Institute Tumblr, with gaudy, synthetic pinks with frosty blues. A column of images of Gaga in plastic, shiny garments almost appears otherworldly.

But the visual style – fascinated with late 1990s and early 2000s clunky clamshell technologies – has fans thinking the album could be based around video games.

Particularly Gaga’s well-documented love for the Bayonetta series.

The icon for the game series, developed by Nintendo, bears some similarities in font to one of the “Chromatica”s nestled in the banner.

Lady Gaga: My music is very colourful. 

Moreover, when Gaga sat down with beauty guru NikkieTutorials, she delivered both a make-up tutorial and a subtle tease of “Chromatica”.

In the December 2019 interview, Gaga described her company Haus Laboratories as a “very colourful place, and so is my music.”

“That’s all the confirmation I needed!” the YouTuber replied. Indeed, all the confirmation we needed.

She added: “There will be colour, it’ll just come out in ways you might not expect.”

The signs were all there. 

In February 2019, Venezuela wrestled with frenzied protests, Israel’s president was facing indictment charges and Gaga got a new tattoo.

“Music crisis averted,” she wrote at the time on an Instagram post. Her new ink was of the notes ‘G’, ‘A’, ‘G’ and, you guessed it, ‘A’.

Little did we know, however, that the crisis she would be averting was the calamity that is what is Gaga’s new album called?

Completing the trinity of clues: makeup and musical notes, comes pink. A lot of pink.

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A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on

Gaga debuted her pink hair back in December, and whether clutching a glass of whiskey or a Haus Laboratory product, her Instagram has become a grid of pink hues. Pink has a bold presence in the artwork for “Stupid Love”.

Some fans spotted a “Stupid Love” gif on Instagram, which is the medallion that has dotted some promotional material.

On closer inspection, some users wonder whether a make-up line tie-in might be in the pink pipeline.

Essentially, if a family member of yours’ ever goes missing, don’t call a search and rescue. Hit up a Little Monster on Twitter.

Of course, all of this could be completely wrong, and all we have really done is distract ourselves from the impending doom of the hollow, late-capitalist human condition, whether from World War III, viral pandemics and/or imminent climate catastrophe.

Anywho, happy slaying!