Queer artist St Vincent hints at exciting new fashion project in cryptic social media posts

St. Vincent

Queer artist St Vincent has forced LGBT+ people everywhere to reluctantly pick up the phone with a cryptic social media post hinting at a new project.

The artist, whose real name is Annie Clark, shared a photo, a tagline and a phone number on social media, and sent queer fans into a frenzy in an effort to find out what it all means.

The madness kicked off when the Masseduction singer shared an image of a clothing tag bearing the letters “ST. VO.V“.

STV.OV coming soon,” she wrote. “For more information, please call 1-855-788-6868.”

We called the phone number provided by St Vincent and were no less confused afterwards.

The PinkNews investigative reporting team called the number in an effort to save a dime for queer people everywhere. To our dismay, we weren’t connected directly to St. Vincent sadly serenading us with a rendition of break-up anthem “New York” or a powerful performance of “Digital Witness”. Instead, we were given the following message.

“I’m sorry, this mailbox is full. Please call back later. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.”

But the PinkNews investigative reporting team did not give up there. We decided to take our skills a step further and Google the letters shared by St Vincent. The results were… revealing.

One of the top search results led to the clothing website Outdoor Voices. Sadly, the page has been taken down, but a Google search showed a snippet of the since-deleted page, which read: “OV & St. Vincent’s take on a one-size-fits-all timeless silhouette. This versatile piece ties your outfit together while the added water repellent benefits of the fabric…” sadly, the snippet of text ends there.

I’m sorry, this mailbox is full. Please call back later. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.

So while we don’t know exactly what St Vincent is planning, it isn’t too hard to figure out roughly what it might be.

People have been desperately trying to crack the code in the singer’s message.

Fan reactions online have ranged from the frustrated to the amused, as people desperately try to figure out St. Vincent’s cryptic message.