Anti-trans ‘feminist’ vows to fight gender stereotypes by renaming paint colours. Weird flex, but OK

Paint colours gender stereotypes

Ahead of International Women’s Day, a major paint company hired an anti-trans “feminist” to rename its pink paint colours and destroy sexism once and for all.

Jane Sunderland has been hired by paint brand Valspar to rename its line of pink paint colours. Many of the pink shades currently have named like “Shy Girl”, “Dollface”, “Faint of Heart”, “Dainty Delight”, “Sweet Angel”, “Girly Girl” and “Ladylike”.

Sunderland, has advised the paint company that its colour names “contain stereotypes about gender that restrict aspirations and opportunities” and added: “How things are named or re-named has an important role to play in building a healthier and fairer society.”

Speaking of restricting “aspirations and opportunities” and “building a fairer society”, the “feminist” has described trans women as “shouty” and “militant“, and wants to keep them out of “single-sex spaces”.

Valspar has dubbed its renaming campaign as #RethinkPink, and a company spokesperson told The Mirror: “Valspar is holding its hands up and acknowledging some of its pink paint names are formed of old-fashioned gender stereotypes which no longer have a place in modern day society.

“Soon to be brushed out of existence are the names of pink hues including ‘Dollface’, ‘Sweet Angel’, ‘Girly Girl’ and ‘Ladylike’.

“In their place, the brand has turned away from gender stereotypes which have given pink a bad name and selected empowering, gender-neutral terms including ‘Fearless’, ‘Like a Boss’, ‘Anything You Can Do’ and ‘Woke Up Like This’.”

Sunderland, a 67-year-old retired linguistics professor and playwright, who has written on Twitter that she “would be considered a TERF”, is leading the charge of bringing pink paint up to speed with “modern day society”.

The “gender critical feminist” said: “Traditional ideas such as ‘pink is for girls’ often contain stereotypes about gender that restrict aspirations and opportunities.

“These stereotypes are out of place in the 21st century where gender equality is expected. The language we use matters. It not only reflects the world around us, it also helps us construct it.

“Progressive nomination, how things are named or re-named, has an important role to play in building a healthier and fairer society.”

PinkNews has contacted Valspar for comment.