Drag Race royalty Courtney Act may have just saved us all from coronavirus

Courtney Act washing her hands

Courtney Act: singer, drag queen, reality superstar, and now, the person who might just end the coronavirus crisis?

Twenty-four hours after the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, Courtney Act delivered her own important public health announcement.

“The World Health Organisation says to protect against coronavirus you should wash your hands for 20 seconds or the time it takes to sing happy birthday twice,” she tweeted.

“They didn’t say it couldn’t be sexy and fun!”

To demonstrate, the Drag Race runner-up shared a video of herself perched atop a sink basin, wearing a red lacy robe, matching underwear and a garter, singing “Happy Birthday” in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

Immediately, Courtney Act fans declared coronavirus cured.

One called the post the ‘sexiest hand washing video'” he’d ever seen, which frankly raises a number of questions.

Many notice the way that Courtney Act stopped herself from singing ‘happy birthday Mr President’, an omission which could only be read one way.

A good number were impressed that the Australian star had turned off her tap as she washed her hands, because excellent hygiene needn’t come at the planet’s expense.

Coronavirus poses a specific threat to the LGBT+ community.

Courtney’s act of heroism comes as health officials are being urged to consider the needs of LGBT+ communities which are more vulnerable to coronavirus.

An open letter organised by the LGBT National Cancer Network and signed by more than 100 other organisations, says that there are three factors which make LGBT+ people more susceptible to the illness.

These are: the prevalence of smoking in the LGBT+ community, higher rates of HIV and cancer, and barriers to healthcare that mean LGBT+ people are reluctant to seek medical treatment.

“LGBTQ+ communities are very familiar with the phenomena of stigma and epidemics,” the letter reads.

“We want to urge people involved with the COVID-19 response to ensure that LGBTQ+ communities are adequately served during this outbreak.”