World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for his transgender daughter

World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for tran daughter

An incredible dad has raised the bar for parents everywhere by designing a pioneering swimwear line specially for his trans daughter.

Toronto-based Jamie Alexander was inspired to create the company when he and his daughter Ruby, 11, were due to visit Panama last year.

He was concerned about the reactions she might get if people saw a bulge in her bikini, and after researching online, he realised that many other parents of trans girls had the same problem.

“In the early days, when she socially transitioned, we put her in boys’ clothing for gym and swimming. She was reluctantly going along with us,” Alexander told CBC.

“It’s a general fear that you don’t want your kid to be sort of called out. Someone doesn’t feel comfortable, and they feel that it’s a potential safety issue.”

Another designer, Carmen Liu, had created a line of underwear specially for transgender children, but so far no one had addressed the problem with swimwear.

As an entrepreneur in the tech industry, Alexander had no experience in fashion, but he came up with an amazing solution – a new line of swimwear bottoms for trans girls featuring smoothing compression technology to hide their genitalia.

He started researching, and in autumn last year he presented his idea to Ryerson’s Fashion Zone, a business incubator bringing together fashion and technology.

The result is ‘Rubies’, a fledgling company named in honour of his daughter, with the slogan: “Every girl deserves to shine.”

Jamie Alexander’s daughter Ruby, who is now 12 (

The bikini bottoms are currently available in black and sparkling pink, and can be paired with bikini tops purchased elsewhere.

They start at $44 apiece on the company’s website, but Alexander says he’s happy to send free pairs to girls whose families can’t afford them.

He’s also looking at developing form-fitted leggings, to provide trans girls with an option for activities like dance and gymnastics.

As an adorable extra touch, every customer gets a handwritten note from him and his daughter with their delivery. On one card, Ruby writes: “You are like a star that shines bright, that’s more special than anyone else. And don’t let anyone dim that light.”

One woman replied: “As I was reading this, I was crying [with] tears of joy that someone really cares.”